Bookworm Beat 10/29/2020 — Quick links to really interesting things (UDPATED)

This is a post full of quick links to things I’ve seen on the internet, but don’t have time to write about with any depth. 

Tonight is my “Instapundit imitation” night, although I’ll never match the wit and brevity that Glenn Reynold’s and his team bring to the table. Still, I’ve got a full spindle and no time to write (but important phone calls used up much of my time). That’s why you’re getting the short version of things I want to share with you:

Biden camp threatening MSM outlets if they report on Hunter. Admittedly, it’s not sourced, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it’s true:

You’re not allowed to predict the future incorrectly. CNN Refuses to Run Ad Criticizing Biden. The reason given is that CNN’s fact-checkers disagree with the future predictions contained in the ad:

Trump did not carelessly kill 220,000 Americans. In fact, America has weathered the Wuhan Virus well. Indeed, if we took out Democrat-run New York, New Jersey, and Michigan, we would be one of the best Wuhan Virus-battling nations in the world.

Are we all in love with this guy?  We certainly are here at the Bookworm Room:

Here’s another man who’s seen the light. Maurice Davis, a lifelong Democrat, has had it with the Democrat party and is supporting Trump. I strongly urge you to take the 3.34 minutes to watch this video:

If you want to fight the Wuhan Virus, get Vitamin D. I’ve believed for months now that the secret to repelling the virus is Vitamin D. We live indoor lives and don’t have enough. I also believe that blacks are harder hit by the virus, not because of racism, but because they are chronically low on Vitamin D (which may also go some way explaining their higher rates of diabetes and heart attacks).

It’s true that the Ancient Romans thought themselves superior, but anyone with an education knows it had nothing to do with race. If you’re at Brown University, subtle distinctions like that just don’t matter.

A thread to understand how disastrous it would be if Biden/Harris banned fracking:

See the whole thread here.

Glenn Greenwald booted from his own publication for reporting on Bidens. I seriously dislike Greenwald’s undoubted anti-Semitism and his hatred for Israel. Having said that, in his own way, he’s a very honest broker and a stalwart believer in transparent government and an open media:

The future of the Democrat party complains about wealth inequality while wearing $14,000 in clothes.  I bet you can guess who this is without even clicking on the link.

UPDATE: Here’s a savage political cartoon for AOC:

Another “Allahu Akbar” attack in France. Every non-Muslim French citizen should be packing. Instead, guns are mostly illegal there and there is nothing to turn away the Jihadist knives. Here at home, though, our media are confused (and watch the video through to the end to feel their full confusion):

If you’re Muslim, the sky’s the limit (in beheadings, that is). A former Prime Minister of Malaysia thinks that the French have been so bad, Muslims should kill them. This habit of blaming living people for the sins of their dead fathers needs to stop.

Does it surprise anyone to learn BLM and Antifa hate Jews? It sure doesn’t surprise me. The left is fanatically anti-Semitic. Repeat after me: Hitler was a socialist. Stalin was a socialist. BLM and Antifa are socialist. What does surprise me is the continued naiveté of leftist Jews. Why don’t they just hang a “kick me” sign on their backsides?

Daniel Greenfield nails the election dichotomy: Love v. Hate: “The Democrats aren’t campaigning for Joe Biden, but against Donald J. Trump,” he writes.

The 2020 election can be boiled down to love against hate. It pits MAGA against the 1619 Project, those who love this country against those who want to destroy it. At Republican rallies, American flags are waved, at Democrat riots flags, churches, and shops are burned. The active part of the Democrat base won’t show up to a Biden rally because they won’t be allowed to destroy things, and because they’re not animated by the positive, but by the negative.

I’ll have more to say on this later. For now, all you need to know is that the Girl Scouts of America is a scummy, leftist organization that just revealed that truth again when it yielded to hysterical demands that it withdraw its congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett.

Pat Condell explains why to vote for Trump. He’s the British guy who’s done wonderful videos about the dangers of socialism and Islamism. Now he explains why Trump is so good for America and the world and why the Democrats are so dangerous.

Do not vote for Joe if you have a college-aged son. Joe is promising to end the due-process protections that Betsy DeVos finally put in place to protect young men on college campuses. During the Obama years, they were stripped of all protections and subjected to man-hating kangaroo courts that destroyed their lives.

Not political but uplifting. I was talking to my sister and somehow the conversation got around to problem drinking (which is ironic, really, because neither she nor I drink). I told her about a Bored Panda post that had before-and-after photos of people who had drinking problems and gave up alcohol. Not only are the photos amazing, but they’re also uplifting. People can change for the better. People can make smart choices. Also, looking at the “before” photos, a lot of them reminded me of the Antifa mugshots. Let’s just say that those urban terrorists can’t change fast enough.