The Polls Are Progressive Battlefield Prep

The left’s garbage polls have a purpose, and its to remove Trump from office irrespective of the outcome of the election

I am confident of a Trump victory today.  That said, because of the degree to which both the MSM and social media giants have put, not just their thumbs but their entire bodies on the scales, it will be by a far smaller margin than it would otherwise be.  I could be wrong, but any other person who, as President, brought about the best economy in our nation’s history and peace in the Middle East would likely win all 50 states.  That it is even a question today is a function of partisanship and corruption the likes of which our nation has never seen before.  Indeed, the mainstream polls, if they are to be believed, uniformly presage a Biden victory by as much as 11 points.

While I was right about the incorrect polls in 2016, I was wrong in 2012 when I thought a Romney win inevitable.  In other words, I’m no oracle. But I am hard-pressed to believe that Americans will ignore the incredible achievements of Donald Trump and embrace the promise of incipient destruction of our republic promised by progressives under a Joe Biden figurehead.  Yet the progressive media push polls are showing Biden with an advantage on election eve.  If they are knowingly incorrect, then to what end?  What do progressives gain by showing polls that are inherently flawed and wrong?

The typical reason for such “garbage polls” is to suppress voter turnout.  A person would have to be stoned to the gills to believe that has any chance of working against Trump voters this cycle.  So what else?  There can be only one reason.  This is all about yet a third coup attempt against Trump — trying to rid of Trump outside of a fair and honest election.  How so?

First, the disparity between the polls and reality will perhaps help buy progressives breathing room in a court of law, during which they can “find” enough missed Biden votes to swing the various states.  As Instapundit writes, “I think this means that instructions have already gone out from the Biden Campaign to the Network Election Callers?:

Second, the progressive left and the Biden Campaign are setting up justification for left-wing violence aimed at forcing the nation to capitulate to their demands. It is battlefield prep for the left intent on claiming victory, irrespective of the results of the election.  The justification for this coup will be, at least in part, the disparity between the polls and the reality of the vote.  Or as the utterly despicable James Clyburn said today, “the only way Democrat Joe Biden could lose the election would be ‘for voter suppression to be successful.'”

Folks, keep your powder dry.  This is about to get very interesting, and I don’t mean that in a good way.