Vote for Trump!!!

If you want a constitutional America, with a thriving economy, and self-reliant, fulfilled people,


In the beginning, I tried to convince people to vote for Trump because I knew that, no matter how bad Trump might be, Hillary would be worse.

Since Trump took office, I’ve been delighted with his governance. I don’t care about his tweets and rough edges, because I find him amusing and genuine. I don’t care that he’s mean because Trump is a counterpuncher. He never throws the first punch. If you attack him, though, he’ll destroy you.

I love Trump because he has the right enemies.

I love Trump because he keeps his promises.

I love Trump because he loves America and her people.

I love Trump because, all smears to the contrary, he’s racially colorblind.

I love Trump because he supercharged the American economy before and he’ll do it again, proving along the way that a rising tide lifts all boats.

I love Trump because he loves Israel.

I love Trump because he’s bringing peace to the Middle East.

I love Trump because he hasn’t started any wars.

I love Trump because he’s abandoned both the Wilson and Obama doctrines.

I love Trump because, contrary to the claim that he’s a dictator, he’s busy shrinking the scarily big federal government.

I love Trump because he understands that, for a nation to exist, it must have a defensible border.

I love Trump because he’s working to make black Americans part of the American dream, and not government dependents who exist only to keep Democrats in office.

I love Trump because he’s a true visionary.

And I love Trump because he’s the only person in America big enough, bold enough, and feisty enough to take on the Swamp.

In a long-ago post, I compared Trump to Winston Churchill. I stand by that. Recently, I also compared him to George Washington. I stand by that too.

Trump has proven to be a man of great principle and vision. I don’t care whether he stumbled upon principled constitutionalism because that was always his goal or because the anti-constitutional left turned on him. Whatever drives him, he’s doing it right.

If you haven’t already voted, pack a lunch, head to your polling place, stand in line for however long it takes, and vote for Trump. And while you’re there, remember that he needs to have Congress on his side, so be sure to vote a straight Republican ticket. This is no time for splitting the ticket.