Flowers, so many flowers

If you like flowers, especially orchids, this is the post for you because I brought back pictures from Atlanta’s dazzling Botanical Garden.

Currently, the city of Atlanta has a lot of problems thanks to the fact that it is under the control of hard-left, race-obsessed Democrat activists. Still, it’s one of America’s great cities and, yesterday, I discovered one of the things that makes it great: I spent a lovely afternoon in the Atlanta Botanical Garden which was, I say without exaggeration, the most beautiful botanical garden I’ve ever seen. The orchid collection alone was extraordinary.

As you all know, I do love sharing flower pictures. So, here’s a gallery showing some of the beautiful flowers that just blew my circuits. These photos only hint at how lovely the gardens are.

(To pause or move forward or backward through the slides, hover your mouse over the image and you’ll see controls appear.)