2021.07.16 Bookworm Room video podcast available

I’ve got yet another video podcast for anyone with the stamina to listen to me blather about social and political issues.

Yesterday, I recorded a long video podcast. Then because it was truly awful, I deleted it.

Nothing daunted, I tried again today and I can say that, very slowly, I’m getting there, rediscovering my podcast muscles, which had atrophied over the past 18 months. I also invested in some video editing software and am slowly learning how to use it. In the video below, you can see that I’ve sort of grasped how to do the title card but I definitely had problems with the ending card, which also ate up some of my final audio. (Let me assure everyone that you missed nothing.)

As I’ve said before, I’m not giving up blogging. I’ll go back and forth between talking and writing, but I will not transcribe my video podcasts into the written word, something I’d tried to do in 2020. That was too much work even when I wasn’t working for American Thinker. (By the way, you can find my AT work here.)¬†Podcasts and videos are just another way for me to give voice to the non-stop monologue in my head.

So, with that said, if you tune in to this latest editing, you’ll find me chatting about the usual political and social issues, e.g., Critical Race Theory, transgender madness, what’s become of our military, Biden, etc. I promise in the future to tighten my organizing principles.

You can find the Podcast here.¬†Or you can listen to it by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

For those who prefer Apple podcasts, here’s the Apple version of my podcast.

And of course, here my new video approach to this whole thing: