Prager videos about Islam and Wokeism highlight America’s deep troubles

I started this post as an homage to Prager U videos but realized that the two videos I chose highlight the terrible problems here in America.

The concept behind this post morphed as I wrote, but I’m leaving it in the original form, both so you can see how my ideas developed (it all started with watching the Bassem Eid video) and because I have to get to work and can’t do a big revision.

I used to share PragerU videos quite often and, honestly, I don’t know why I stopped. The 5-minute videos give microblasts of information so reliable that YouTube regularly tries to silence them.

The latest videos address Muslim violence. The older of the two is from Bassem Eid and is directed to Palestinians. Although he doesn’t mention either Iran or Hezbollah, which fund and control Hamas, it strongly reminds Gaza residents of what they already know which is that they are essentially held hostage in their own territory:

I have to admit that I enjoyed the passion that Bassem Eid brought to his presentation. He feels deeply the righteousness of what he’s saying about Hamas.

The most recent video is a real killer, for Ayaan Hirsi Ali addresses the commonalities between radical Islam and the woke brigade:

Thanks to Biden’s ascension to the White House (and you’ve noticed, I hope, that I never append the title “president” to his name), we are being eaten away from the inside by the wokeism Ayaan Hirsi Ali describes while Biden’s catastrophic conduct in Afghanistan ensures that we’ll be challenged both from the inside (by terrorists flown in from Afghanistan or walking across our southern border) and the outside (by an ascendant Islam that will soon be on the march).

We are at one of those inflection points in history, where things can go very badly or we can emerge stronger than ever. It’s heartening to see people turning against Biden. Polls show him sinking far and fast — and that’s despite the media’s cheerleading for him and his administration. When you consider that the media’s propaganda probably adds an artificial 15 points to a Democrats’ popularity, that means that Biden’s real popularity isn’t around 40, it’s around 25.

The problem is that our system has no mechanism for ridding the country of this troublesome political party. If Biden gets the boot, Kamala takes his place. If Both Biden and Kamala are booted, Nancy Pelosi takes their place. Indeed, per Wikipedia, we would have to impeach people indefinitely because each person ousted would be replaced by someone even worse:

I honestly have no idea how we get out of this death spiral. Perhaps people will demand a constitutional convention that enables us to throw the bums out. Or perhaps those states in which we’re reasonably sure that cheating occurred will develop spines and revoke their certification. For example, just today I saw this press release from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which suggests massive problems in Georgia:

But even if we can reset the election and inaugurate Trump, how does that work? He’ll have lost a year of his duly elected presidency. The American people will have another year to wait as the various cabinet posts are filled.

And meanwhile, can you get a do-over on the disastrous departure from Afghanistan, the attacks on the economy, the open Southern border, the loss of good people in our military, and all the other attacks the Biden administration made on America’s fabric? Of course, every law and executive order would instantly become void but what do you do about the money spent, the lives lost, the vaccines forced on people, etc.? Can you bring back the people who died because the Democrats were determined to deny Trump a victory when it appeared that both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin could save lives?

Still, I’d rather grapple with those problems than face another four years of Biden or Kamala or Nancy or Patrick Leahy or Antony Blinken or Janet Austin or Lloyd Austin or Merrick Garland, with each person (and this is hard to believe but true) worse than the one who came before.