Afghanistan v. Abortion: What really riles Democrats

Having the Texas abortion issue arise on the heels of the Afghanistan debacle has been illuminating, to say the least.

I haven’t written for a while because I find myself with surprisingly little to say. I’ve always written to share information and, to the extent I occasionally have them, insights. In more subtle, less manic times, I thought both were at least useful. But what’s left to say when your federal government has become a dysfunctional caricature of social and economic Marxism?

Half the country understands this, and a small subset of that half reads this blog, making anything I write preaching to the choir. The other half of the country either supports the administration’s madness or is enswathed in an invincible armor-plating of ignorance. Regarding that latter half, they’re the ones on my Facebook page who aren’t affirmatively conservative. None have said a word about Afghanistan. Not one single word. I can think of two reasons for their silence:

They have no idea that anything is even happening in Afghanistan. This is a distinct possibility because it was pretty clear that, once “orange man bad” left the White House, their interest in politics stopped. However, I don’t think that’s it.

They are fine with what’s happening in Afghanistan. Of course, that being the case, why aren’t they touting Biden’s claim that the whole withdrawal was an unparalleled success? Well, because they know it’s a lie. But that’s okay because they don’t care about the troops and their empathy is limited to specific victim classes: pregnant women who want abortions, illegal aliens who will help change the country’s makeup by being cheap labor that will eventually vote Democrat, and the LGBTQ crowd. However, they have enough remaining sense to know that saying this out loud will look bad, so they opt for silence.

Well, except for the whole abortion thing. While losing a 20-year war, turning the country over to 7th-century maniacs, leaving behind $85 billion in weapons, and abandoning Afghan women, girls, and little boys to sexual slavery isn’t really a thing, losing abortion is. While most of my lib friends are assiduously avoiding posting anything (it’s all about meals now, for most of them), the few who did post about Texas’s new abortion law had strong feelings. These posters, which I culled from their Facebook pages, tell the story:

While my lefties are being pretty low-key, if you go to Twitchy, you’ll find post after post with leftists showing complete hysteria about the fact that one state is curtailing abortion. My favorite is Cori Bush who seems worried about homosexuals accidentally getting pregnant:

Democrats in government know their base:

And you can always count on Joy Reid for hysteria and hyperbole, including nonsense from the Handmaid’s Tale, which was about women being forcibly impregnated.:

Dolly Parton’s younger sister is the Rob Reiner of country music:

For the record, I was raised pro-abortion and kept to that view right up until my first pregnancy, which was a miserable experience that saw me vomiting for 9 months, 24/7. I hated every minute of being pregnant and was a reluctant mother. But the sonograms forced me to recognize that I was carrying a separate human being and having children not only forced me to grow up (holding a job is only part of the process) and, ultimately, made me a much better person.

Once again, behind all the emotive, loud compassion we get from leftists, there’s a death cult. They don’t care about people dying in Afghanistan, they don’t care about sexual slavery in Afghanistan, and they don’t care about kids in cages. At the end of the day, nine times out of ten, what they really care about is abortion. It’s their thing.