Regarding Mark Milley, a few quick points

Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts about Milley’s unconstitutional, possibly treasonous, conduct.

I’m on the road, so have missed out on some news–and the ability to comment on some news. The big story yesterday, of course, was about Mark Milley and his assurance to his Chinese counterpart that he was controlling what came from Trump, who just happened to be Milley’s Commander in Chief.

I thought Tucker provided an excellent summary of where things stood last night:

Also, Bonchie does a stellar job of making it clear just how duplicitous and unconstitutional Jen Psaki was when she explained why the Biden administration is standing behind Milley.

Trump apparently said that, at the rate the Biden administration is going, there may not be an America in 2024. I fear he’s right. I’m not sure whether we’ll be looking at tyranny or anarchy, but it’s hard to imagine we’ll still be a constitutional, liberal, democratic republic.

And as a bonus, here’s a good photo from a rest stop in North Carolina:

Here in Cherokee, North Carolina, which is an independent nation, the gift stores are filled with shirts and stickers celebrating guns, God, and America. It’s very nice here and that’s separate from the fact that the Smokies invariably manage to dazzle me with their beauty.