Keeping a stiff upper lip in Biden’s America

If you believe in a constitutional America, the daily news in Biden’s American can be depressing, but there are ways to stave off the blues.

I spend my day reading the news and then writing about it. In Biden’s America, that’s not a cheerful job. I sometimes worry that America is a patient in the ICU and I’m not even able to provide palliative care. Someone asked me how I manage to keep going and I thought I’d share my practices with you. Perhaps those of you who are depressed can benefit from my ideas. And perhaps those of you who are fighting the good fight every day for a free, constitutionally-based America, have other ideas.

I have to admit that sometimes I’m really deeply depressed. Last night’s Tucker Carlson, with its report about the millions streaming across our Southern border, got to me. I’m sufficiently¬†familiar with the end of the Roman Empire to understand what happens when borders are gone and a world of people desperate for handouts and alien to the culture enter en masse.

Two things keep me going: First, I have no control over what’s happening, so I don’t have the anxiety of guilt. (I.e., I’m not having to berate myself by saying “It’s my fault.”) Being Jewish, that absence of guilt means more than you can imagine. The corollary is that I feel I’m doing at least a little bit to help by writing articles letting people know what’s going on. That makes me a warrior, not a victim.

Second, I constantly count my blessings. I’m in a happy relationship, I have two wonderful¬†adult children who are thriving, I have good friends (and have winnowed out the bad ones), I enjoy good health if I ignore my creaking skeletal structure, I live in a solid red community, I’m getting paid to do something I would do compulsively regardless, and I have a dog I adore. Every day, my personal life is good and I’m incredibly grateful for that fact.

Then there’s chocolate…although I’ve decreased my consumption by about 90% as I try to lose a bit of weight. Currently, the loss of that 90% of chocolate is probably the worst thing in my personal life. I take my chocolate very seriously and miss it terribly.

Ultimately, if I get depressed, I can’t function. And if I can’t function, the left has well and truly won. I’m not going there!!

Image: Classical tragedy and comedy masks (cropped).