The Bookworm Thinker for 8 Nov. 2021

Welcome, all, on this date of 8 Nov.  On this day:

1674 – John Milton, the great English poet, author, and civil servant, died on this day.  He is well-remembered for his full-throated defense of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  In 1644, during the English Civil War, Milton authored Areopagitica in which he argued against the government practice of licensing only favored publisher in order, ostensibly, to protect people of the day from what we today would call ‘fake news’:

And though all the winds of doctrin[e] were let loose to play upon the earth, so Truth be in the field, we do injuriously by licensing and prohibiting to misdoubt her strength.  Let her and falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the wors[e], in a free and open encounter.

Now on to the important part of this post.

Ms. Book W. Room, writing under the nom de guerre of Andrea Widburg, is employed by the conservative site, American Thinker, to edit submissions to the site and to write several daily posts of her own.  Below are her posts on this date.  Since commentary to the posts are restricted at American Thinker (long story), feel free to comment on the day’s offerings below.

Today’s Offerings:

Joe Biden’s bowels again take center stage in Europe

The older you get, the harder travel can be on your body. You tire more easily, your joints hurt and, if you’re unlucky, your digestion goes all flipsy-wopsy. Joe Biden is just a few days away from turning 79, which is a respectable age for anyone, especially someone who seems to be decomposing while still alive. Perhaps it’s not surprising, given his age and decrepitude, that Biden’s bowels apparently were a problem during his recent trip abroad. His having an accident while visiting with the Pope lives in the realm of rumor but it’s pretty certain he let loose with a long, melodious fart while talking to Camilla Parker Bowles.

We know that Biden lost control because it appears that the Duchess of Cornwall, rather than considering the subject to be beneath her notice, can’t stop talking about it: . . .

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Biden’s poll numbers continue to collapse

Thanks to relentless mainstream media propaganda, Joe Biden entered the Oval office with very good poll numbers. Despite the contentious campaign season and the even more contentious election, Americans were willing to give Biden the benefit of the doubt, with 57% of them expressing approval for him in the first weeks of his presidency. Since then, he’s had nowhere to go but down. The latest poll puts his approval at 38% and the slide shows no signs of stopping.

The most recent presidential approval poll comes from USA TODAY/Suffolk University and was taken between Wednesday and Friday last week. That means it caught the responses to the elections on Tuesday, including the way Virginia, which easily gave its Electoral College votes to Biden in 2020, has now turned red, with a Republican Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and State House. . . .

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SNL’s surreal skit promoting abortion

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent most of my life in heavily Democrat enclaves. That is why I know that, when you boil things down to their essentials, most Democrat women and many Democrat men are single-issue voters and that issue is abortion. You can delicately bring them around to agree with you on subjects such as taxes, borders, national security, and keeping porn out of grade schools but abortion is, as Nancy Pelosi said, “sacred ground.” That’s why they’re panicked about the Texas abortion law and why Saturday Night Live did the single most weird, surreal, embarrassing, and scary skit ever…about “clown abortion.”

The premise of the skit was that abortion is a serious subject but that Goober the Clown (SNL’s Cecily Strong) would get people on board by doing funny clown stuff while talking about her abortion the day before she turned 23 and how great that was. The skit opened with some bland new face on SNL (which I haven’t watched since, hmm, maybe the 1980s) as the newscaster saying that the Supreme Court heard arguments about the Texas abortion law that effectively stops abortions after six weeks. “Here, to cheer us up,” he says, is “Goober the Clown, who had an abortion when she was 23.” Cue Strong, in full clown costume. . . .

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