Tag: Freedom of Speech

Index of the Twitter Files

A guide to the Twitter Files. I.  Twitter Censors the Hunter Biden Story on the eve of the 2020 Election Twitter Suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop Story / Congress Reacts with Some Unnamed Democrats Demanding More Censorship II.  Twitter Censorship by Shadowbanning Twitter applied a double standard to secretly censor

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Memorializing the Twitter Files – VI. Twitter, the FBI, & FBI Response to Twitter Files

The relationship between Twitter and the FBI in 2019 and thereafter can best be described as a close — and criminal — partnership focused on censoring of individuals and organizations The FBI criminally partnered with Twitter to abridge the free speech of Americans.  The FBI, in response to the release

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The upside of technology

It’s often frightening to see how terrorists use technology against freedom. It’s therefore uplifting and refreshing to see people using technology to advance freedom. The New York Times, which has always been dizzyingly respectful of Castro, has pulled a fast U-turn and written a very good article about young people

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