Bookworm Beat 12/18/2021 — the waterfall of news illustrated edition

I have a bunch of cartoons (some a little old) and a few comments of my own to make. It’s Saturday night so I’m having some fun.

First, the comments….

If you ever imagined America becoming a totalitarian nation under whatever scenario (pandemic, alien invasion, etc.), do any part of your wildest imaginations see Joe Biden as the figurehead under which the transformation would occur? Stupid, plugs Biden? No? I didn’t either.

Omicron is well-named because a micron is a tiny measurement — one-millionth of a meter — and, as best as I can tell, the Omicron variant is a tiny little sickness. Nobody seems to be dying from it. It’s even less dangerous than the average 1% mortality rate that our political class is using to justify imposing totalitarianism across American.

The only reason we know Omicron is here is that people are obsessively getting tested — and because governments around the world are cracking down as if it’s the second coming of an ebola / bubonic plague fusion.

But back to the obsessive testing. I get it if you’re forced to do so but a lot of this testing seems voluntary.

Why? I have no idea. After all, the same people getting tested are the ones who believe hydroxychloroquine is fish tank cleaner, ivermectin is horse dewormer, and the only thing you can do with COVID is to wait at home until you’re near death and then go to the hospital, where, unless you’re in Florida and can get monoclonal antibodies, they won’t do anything for you there either except stick you on oxygen. (Again, imagine if you had a potentially deadly infection — which Omicron, of course, isn’t but they think it is — and the medical establishment told you to do nothing until you get sepsis, and then check in with the hospital.)

Additionally, this Omicron variant is apparently insanely contagious, kind of like the common cold. Can you imagine if, in past years, we treated colds as we’re treating the super mild Omicron? The whole world would stop every year.

You’re being gaslighted.

And now to the regularly scheduled cartoons, some of which may be a little dated because I’ve been holding onto them for two weeks but I’ll run them anyway because why not?