The Bookworm Room 2022.01.16 video podcast is up

This one is a bit rough and ready, as I’m learning a new video program. Still, I covered courage, Ivermectin, Medicare, and other things.

I’m learning a new technology, so this is a wee bit rough, but I cover the need for courage today (with examples), ivermectin madness and government control over healthcare, media lies, the lack of religious liberty in Canada, and Americans’ loss of trust in the military.

You can find the Podcast here.¬†Or you can listen to it by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

And here you can see my new video which is primitive but should have better quality than the ones I’ve done before, including a snazzy new intro (which I don’t really like but I’ll make that better too):

If you prefer Apple podcasts, you can find the Apple podcast here.

And last of all, here’s a simple “HTTP” list of the articles to which I referred: