Homeless killers and the zeitgeist of race hatred

The rash of homeless people committee “random” murders against Asians and whites isn’t random at all. This is where leftists are taking us.

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson did an incredibly powerful opening monologue about the homeless problem that leftists are actively encouraging in America’s major cities. This wasn’t news to me because I’ve been following this development for many years. After all, I lived most of my life in or near San Francisco, which has long been a homeless mecca, in large part because San Francisco has made itself a comfortable place for the homeless.

Of course, any place with a relatively temperate climate is going to be good for the homeless. Winter in Santa Monica or San Francisco? Or winter in Chicago or New York? When you’re homeless, the questions answer themselves.

But San Francisco made it easier in many other ways. Over the years, it’s systematically done away with all the laws that made being homeless uncomfortable, laws such as no doing drugs or drinking in public, no defecating or urinating in the street, no frightening pedestrians, no setting up a tent on the sidewalk, etc. In San Francisco and other major cities, these laws were put on steroids in the last few years, and then on rocket fuel since George Floyd and COVID.

In addition, as Tucker points out, there’s a multi-billion dollar homeless industry across America. That means two things: One, if you put money into something, you’ll get more of it. Two, if the homeless problems lessen, the money goes away. That means, that consciously or not, everyone working in that industry knows that his or her economic well-being is tied to their being lots of homeless.

This is actually a good place to put the Tucker monologue:

In the past, for the most part, homeless crime was fairly petty. That is, in big cities, the real problem for people who didn’t have to share the Tenderloin or other bad neighborhoods with the homeless, where the pathologies were very direct and painful, was quality of life. Your home isn’t as nice anymore when there are guys with needles in their arms sitting on your street, your expensive house’s walls are being destroyed by human urine, and the street is a disgusting maze of human feces.

There’s been a change lately, though: The homeless are becoming killers. I’m too lazy to go through the list here, but you’ve read the same stories I have, of people being stabbed, beaten to death, pushed in front of subway trains, etc. The latest three, in just the past few days, were a 40-year-old Asian woman in New York pushed in front of a subway train, a 24-year-old student in L.A. stabbed to death while working in an upscale store, and a 70-year-old nurse in L.A. beaten so badly she subsequently died. As I said, they’re the last three; the list is endless.

The nurse was, as best as I can tell, black, which made her anomalous. Mostly, the people being killed (or brutally assaulted) are white and Asian. And mostly, the perpetrators are black homeless men with endlessly long records of substance abuse, mental illness, and violent crimes that could have ended in death but didn’t. This Daily Mail article looks at several of the men who have suddenly visited death on random people and you’ll see that they all meet that description.

And here, finally, is where I’m getting to my point. These homeless men who suddenly and violently lashed out at whites and Asians are not watching CNN and they are not taking Critical Race Theory classes in college or at their place of work. Instead, they are responding to the zeitgeist.

In every cultural period, there is a zeitgeist that ends up amongst the crazy people, where it is reflected in its most dangerous form. For many years in Western history, it took the form of religious mania, where crazy people thought that they were either Satan or the Hammer of God. It didn’t matter which; they killed because the zeitgeist drove them to it. When America got involved in the whole “men from Mars” thing after WWII, crazy people suddenly started wearing tinfoil hats and announced that they had to kill because voices from space controlled them.

And now, in 2022 America, thanks to the leftist determination to make racial hostility the pinnacle of American culture, the crazy ones are reflecting that zeitgeist too. They don’t need to watch Joy Reid, read Ibram X. Kendi, or attend a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seminar. What’s trickling down to them is the core message the left is selling: Asians and whites are evil, especially when it comes to blacks.

Hand that message to the crazy mind and everything then boils down to kill or be killed. In 2022, these men are not the Hammer of God; they are the Hammer of Critical Race Theory. They aren’t even the distorted lens through which this cultural obsession is seen. They are, instead, the purest distillation. They are, one could say, the reductio ad homicidium of our current cultural obsession.

This is where the left is taking us and, if leftists are not stopped in this mad pursuit of power through stirring up racial hatred, it won’t just be the crazy people taking the zeitgeist into their own hands. It’ll be everyone. There won’t be splatters of blood on subway platforms and street corners in a few big cities. Instead, all of America will be drowned in a tsunami of bloodletting. Think “the Rwanda genocide, 1994,” and then multiply it by 200.

Image: A junkie at San Francisco’s Civic Center BART station (edited in befunky.) YouTube screengrab.