Bookworm Beat 2/20/22 — the Truckers, Trudeau, and Hillary illustrated edition

The news is filled with stories of brave people fighting for freedom and tyrants seeking permanent ascendency. And the memes catch them all.

Usually, I post my illustrated editions on Friday so that it doesn’t look as if I’m copying Steven Hayward’s illustrated edition, which runs on Saturday. (Yes, I think that way.) However, because of the whole Steven v. Paul kerfuffle at Power Line (and I’m strongly on Team Steven), Steven made the decision to publish his illustrated post on Friday. That threw me off completely. I still have no idea how many of my memes overlap with his.

Add in a migraine that rocked me back on my heels for the whole week, a DoS attack on my site from Germany, and…well, this illustrated edition is two hours late and might be a little redundant. Still, I’m betting there are things here you haven’t seen so I can say with a clear conscience, “Enjoy!”