A couple of points….

My site has been bedeviling me for weeks now, so I set up a CloudFlare defense against a Denial of Service attack. If you’re reading this, maybe it worked.

First, I think the US Freedom Convoy is making a mistake. The Democrats are loving the thought of them coming to D.C. and being tricked into a second January 6. Instead, they should come near D.C., having garnered the attention of Americans and then…turn around and call in sick for a week or so to make a point about real power. If they get to D.C., all bets are off (but I’ll just remind you how many operators the Deep State will plant in the crowd to make the truckers look back.

Second, a friend of mine, Stu Tarlowe, who wrote often at American Thinker before he got stricken by a really bad case of COVID, has started a substack site. He’s a good writer and a very interesting person. He asked that I put the word out for people to check out his site and, if you like it, sign up for his email list.

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