Two quick, utterly random thoughts

Sometimes ideas just lodge in my brain and they come out here.

The three constants about gun ranges, at least, in my experience:

  1. The people who work there are incredibly friendly and helpful.
  2. The people who shop there are incredibly friendly and helpful.
  3. The women’s restrooms are always clean.

That’s one thought. The second is about the leftism of American Jews.

Even though the belief system of American Jews has nothing to do with the Torah and everything to do with Marx, they love throwing Jewish culture around. They like talking about the High Holidays, their LGBTQ-inclusive synagogues, Tikkun Olam (which they think means embracing socialism), and more.

I finally figured out how to describe them: They are like reading Das Kapital aloud with a Yiddish accent. And of course, considering Marx’s virulent hatred for Jews (his writing is sometimes indistinguishable from Hitler’s), that is deeply ironic in the worst possible way.

If you have any interesting random thoughts, feel free to share them here.