The illustrated edition will be a day late

I’m still here and I have plans…just not plans for tonight.

I just returned from a much-needed four-day break during which I listened to wonderful music (see the video below), saw dear friends, and enjoyed a lovely day with family. I feel refreshed but have a lot of catching up to do.

On Saturday, I plan to put up my regular illustrated edition (making sure not to overlap with Steven Hayward’s regular Saturday meme fest at Power Line). I also have ideas — or, really, theories — that I’d like to blog or podcast. That will follow (I hope) on Sunday or Monday.

As always, I’m very busy counting my blessings and I have so many. I’m terribly sorry for those people who are being so badly hurt by the Biden policies. I’m fighting against those policies, knowing that, unless stopped, they will eventually affect me and my family, not to mention the permanent damage to the country I love.

As it is, I’m terribly worried as inflation eats away at the savings I’ve put together for almost four decades. I’d envisioned one kind of retirement and may find myself, sadly, facing quite a different one — putting me in the same boat as millions of older Americans.

So, again, I count my blessings while I have them.

UPDATE: I forgot the Mnozil Brass link: