There’s a reason leftists are targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene

She posted an illuminating Twitter thread, one with which all people who haven’t OD’d on Democrat Kool-Aid would agree.

(It occurred to me that, when I write a post for American Thinker that is exactly the same as a post I would write for the Bookworm Room, it wouldn’t be cheating for me to share it here.)

On Saturday, Monica Showalter wrote about the lawsuit that a Democrat special interest group has filed against Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and that an Obama-nominated judge (and sister to leftist “journalist” Nina Totenberg) has allowed to proceed. Considering that the left constantly characterizes Greene as a nutcase, a reasonable person might ask why Democrats need a lawsuit. The answer lies in a Twitter thread Greene posted last week.

The lawsuit against Greene riffs off the ridiculous claim that what happened on January 6 was an “insurrection” that triggers the “Disqualification Clause” in the 14th Amendment, a clause that Congress nullified via the 1878 Amnesty Act. You can read more here about why that Act is manifestly inapplicable to events on January 6. Similar suits, all of which are the brainchild of Clinton fixer and attorney Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, have already failed against Madison Cawthorn, and against Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, and Mark Finchem.

To understand why Greene was a target, it helps to look at a Twitter thread she posted last week, not because her tweets are the work of a nutcase, but because they’re incredible logical, pro-American, and smart (hat tip: RedState):

Just for a moment, take off your engaged-in-politics, well-informed, conservative hat for a moment and pretend that you’re not a political geek. Instead, you’re an ordinary Joe or Jane who just wants to go to work, come home to your family, take care of your bills, and live the kind of decent life you remember from the 1980s or so. In the past, politics haven’t been that important to you and you either didn’t vote at all or voted Democrat because that’s what “nice” people do.

Now, though, things are different. With Eastern Europe seemingly disintegrating under Russian assaults, prices skyrocketing, your paycheck buying less and your savings vanishing, illegal aliens streaming over the border, and both your schools and Disney having become completely obsessed with little children and so-called transgenderism, you’re starting to pay attention.

With that mindset, review Greene’s tweets and see if they make sense:

Become energy independent, including using the same safe nuclear energy that runs France? Sounds good.

Bring competition back to medical care and get rid of Obamacare, which ruined your existing insurance and lost you your doctor? Great idea!

Stop letting China control important medicines? You bet.

Stop Congress from spending like a drunken sailor (only a dishonest drunken sailor with a stolen wallet)? Absolutely.

Get America back to work and stop bailing out big companies? I’m on board.

Start spending American dollars on America, rather than funding the world, including governments hostile to us? Makes perfect sense.

Shrink the federal government? Heck, even David Hogg is realizing that inefficient, big government is a problem.

Stop giving American military protection away for free to countries that just whine about what bullies we are? Oh, yeah.

Put troops on America’s southern border rather than shipping them overseas to said ungrateful countries? Another good idea.

All of Greene’s ideas, frankly, are good. The post-WWII era is truly over and the world has rejected Pax Americana. Yes, it’s true that America has (mostly) kept the peace, especially amongst fractious Europeans, but at what cost to herself?

As they say on airplanes, in the event of an emergency, secure your own mask before assisting others. America needs to do some mask securing and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has some sensible ideas for how to make it happen. No wonder her district elected her with 75% of the votes and no wonder the Democrats are desperate to throw true democracy to the winds and forcibly (and dishonestly) use a Marc Elias dirty trick to keep her off the ballot.

Image: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. YouTube screen grab.

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