Bookworm Beat 7/30/22 — the America is crazy edition (plus a COVID update)

I have the usual wonderful collection of amusing and depressing memes, plus I’ll give you the COVID update I know you long for!

Indeed, I’ll start with the COVID update: The initial “flu” part of the COVID lasted for only four days. Had that been it, the whole thing would have been inconsequential. However, I then got a COVID rash, which was two weeks of agony that eventually led to get a prednisone prescription which has helped.

I’ve gone from looking like one of those black-and-white medical textbooks from the 1950s showing some poor kid with a terrible case of measles all over his torso and extremities to looking like the lizard woman or the snake ready to rid itself of its skin. I’m no longer in agony but I’m still quite amazingly uncomfortable. I’m a “princess and the pea” person at the best of times — amazingly sensitive to any pressure on my skin — so I’m reminding myself constantly not to be a whiny little…well, whiner.

I also started getting neurological problems in my feet which finally seem to have cleared up, only to head out to my other extremities. This has been quite the interesting journey that I could have done without.

And then, of course, there’s the COVID fatigue. My stamina has dropped by about 50%. I had lovely ideas for blogging on some issues but I was inert on the couch, staring blankly at the window. Anything else was too big an effort. My responsibilities at American Thinker and my commitment to this illustrated edition are the only things getting me moving.

All of this shall pass. It’s just been very weird, to say the least. I tend to be one of those people who gets the weird versions of diseases and syndromes, so I shouldn’t be surprised but this has been even more weird than usual.

And now the memes you’ve all been waiting for: