It’s time to recognize and treat trans-superhero children

Once we start realizing the profitable “trans” possibilities flowing from children’s fantasies, the sky’s the limit.

Hospitals across America have pediatric “gender” clinics. They exist to help so-called “transgender” children achieve their dreams of presenting to the world as the opposite of their biological sex. They have a world of treatments to achieve this goal. In the beginning, they give young children puberty-blocking hormones that damage their vision, cause their brains to swell, along with weakening their bones.

When the kids are a bit older, these clinics give them hormones for the opposite of their biological sex. We’ve known for decades that these hormones sterilize both men and women. They give women heart disease and men breast cancer, among other dangerous, toxic outcomes. Their effects are often irreversible.

And of course, there’s the surgery. Teenage boys as young as 17, an age known for a complete lack of wisdom and foresight, have their penises and testicles chopped off, get breast implants, and have holes carved into their bodies to serve as “vaginas.” Vaginoplasty, as it’s called, is especially damaging. Just read what this honest, but mentally ill, man wrote for the New York Times about his post-surgical body. If you want the long, stomach-churning list of complications, everything from death to chronic bowel and bladder leakage, go here.

Teenage girls don’t get treated any better. They have their breasts cut off, their reproductive organs removed, and the skin shaved from their arm to fashion into a non-functional “penis.” Just listen to what this poor woman is experiencing — and many others would describe the same complications:

Coincidentally (or maybe not), all of these procedures and medicines, along with the long-term oversight required for people who have had the medicines and procedures, are very, very profitable.

If you’re wondering how doctors (“first, do no harm”) can commit these atrocities on children or teenagers, you need to understand that the children tell them that they need these things. Not only that, they start letting them know from a very early age. Honest. The doctors are just responding to the children’s deepest psycho-emotional needs:

Here’s the key language:

We have parents who tell us that their kids, they knew from the minute they were born practically. And actions like refusing to get a haircut or standing to urinate or trying to stand to urinate, refusing to stand to urinate, trying on siblings clothing, playing with the quote ‘opposite gender’ toys, things like that.

The moment I heard those words, I instantly realized that there’s an amazing profit opportunity out there, assuming we’re as willing to abandon moral decency as these doctors are. You see, every little boy I’ve known (and as a mother I spent years surrounded by little boys), has made some variation of the statement my son made before he was three: “I’m ‘Piderman the hooper-hero.” Other little boys are Superman, Batman, The Flash, Captain America, or a host of other superheroes.

Significantly, this identity never dies. Jerry Seinfeld points out how it continues into later childhood and even adulthood:

Given this pervasive superhero identity and what’s obviously the endless frustration of moving through life trapped in a non-superhero body that makes a mockery of that identity, it’s time for society to recognize the “trans-superhero.” And once having recognized that identity, any hospital that really wants to make bank should open a Superhero Multispecialty Service clinic. You can already imagine what that clinic could start offering young boys, teenage boys, and even adult men:

  • Massive testosterone doses to increase musculature. (Never mind the shrunken sexual organs. That’s a small price to pay for looking like a superhero.)
  • Muscle implants for those genetically unfortunate enough to have muscles that never look bulky, no matter how much testosterone they take.
  • Facial surgery to achieve that rugged, square-jawed look that’s a requirement for all superheroes.
  • Web shooting implements for those who wish to realize their identity as Spiderman. I’m sure there’s only a small risk that those implants will cause too many problems for the complicated network of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and arteries in the wrist.
  • Rocket booster implants to mimic flying.
  • Iron man style implants.
  • Fascinating experimental drugs to improve fast twitch muscle movements to mimic the average superhero’s super-fast fighting speed.

This list could go on. I can see a whole host of surgeries and medicines for the X-Man cohort of superheroes. The fees received for Wolverine-style nail implants alone would pay for the clinic for years to come.

There’s only one problem. When you think about superheroes, there is one overarching virtue that all possess: A strong moral sense of right and wrong. Every superhero in the world, were he real, would understand that it is morally wrong to take seriously and use for profit the habit all children have of trying on different personas, whether animal, human, or machine, and whether real or imaginary.

If a medical doctor or clinic has no moral compass, he, she, or it should not be in the possess of destroying children’s bodies for profit in the pursuit of impossible, almost-invariably transient childish fantasies.

Image (edited) by rawpixel (from freepik)