If I did this correctly, emailed updates will return to my blog

The past year has been fraught with technical difficulties, but I’m slowly working them out, one by one. 

It all started many years ago when I had a lovely, hardworking newsletter plugin in WordPress. I’d write a post and the plugin would automatically email it. I miss those days. That ended when the plugin deleted hundreds of subscribers and then stopped working.

I then got a second newsletter/email plugin that was supposed to do the same thing, and it probably did. However, at some point, when I wasn’t paying attention, it stopped sending automatic post updates. It turned out that the plugin’s creators had made the automatic feature part of a paid subscription service. I probably got an email notifying me of that fact but I’ve already confessed to you my issues with Protonmail.

I’ve now installed a new system. I’ve transferred to the new system those people who were on the second list. I’m also fully aware now that this one doesn’t send out automatic post updates. Knowing that, I can assure you that I’ll be preparing those post updates manually. So, henceforth, count on getting notices when there are new posts at Bookworm Room.

Also, if you didn’t receive a notice of this particular post, you’re not on the email list. (Sorry, it’ll have been my fault.) You can sign up again using the form in the right sidebar.

One more thing: If you don’t see an email from Bookworm Room, check your spam folder.

Image (cropped) by dashu83 at Freepik.