The high cost of Joe Biden’s America

Replacing windows in the house is a snapshot of what Joe Biden has done to America.

When I bought my house, I knew the windows would need to be replaced. This is a damp climate, and they’re wood windows. Two years ago, I spent $1,700 to replace two windows, with a mental plan to replace the remaining 12 windows in the house two at a time every couple of years.

In case you’re wondering why two windows are so expensive, it’s because they must be hurricane-proof. You can do that either with special glass that will not allow water in even if it cracks or you can get wooden shutters. Given that we’re getting rickety, climbing up two stories to put on shutters in advance of a storm — well, that’s an accident waiting to happen, not to mention something that won’t help the house’s eventual resale value.

I went to the same outlet (Lowe’s, if you’re wondering) to get an estimate on two more windows. This time around, it’s $4,800 to replace the identical type windows with an identical replacement. That’s almost three times as much in two years!! The salesman told me that the increase isn’t a supply chain problem; it’s an everything problem.

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, neither my savings nor my salary has tripled in the last two years. The former has diminished, and the latter is flat.

This is, of course, Biden’s fault. His decisions, whether destroying the supply chain, destroying America’s homegrown energy market, or inciting a war between Ukraine and Russia, have driven prices up.

I’ll look for other estimates. The nice thing about Lowe’s, though, is that I can assume it will still exist in a couple of years despite two more years of a Democrat-run White House. I’m afraid that, if I find a smaller, cheaper contractor, that contractor may not be in business if something goes wrong with the windows next year.

Any recommendations?

Image: Windows in Saint Chapelle, Paris, France (edited), by David McSpadden. CC BY 2.0.