Twitter revelations open thread

Just in case you have thoughts about the revelations to date, here’s the thread as of tonight, along with Elon Musk’s take and a few comments from me.

[I can’t locate tweets 13, 14, and 15.]

Elon Musk, showing that he understands what’s going on, had an interesting Twitter exchange:

A few other comments from me:

1. Musk came through. I still don’t trust the man, but what he’s doing regarding Twitter is genuinely important to political discourse and honest elections in 2022.

2. Twitter was every bit as bad as we expected.

3. If you look at the leftist comments on Taibbi’s tweet, either they are genuinely clueless or disingenously naive:

4. My sense of the time line is that Twitter came up with the “hacked material” excuse and that the FBI, desperate for a reason to keep the whole matter under cover, confirmed that, yes, they truly, really, really, very seriously believed that the hard drive, which was obviously real, loaded as it was with every aspect of Hunter’s business and personal life, was a fake.

5. At the end of 2019, I was listening to a Scott Adams podcast. What he said was that he was convinced that, based on Trump’s record, Trump would win in 2020. However, he had realized that the tech tyrants had decided that there would be no repeat of 2016, when Trump spoke directly to the voters via social media, and would use all their power to deny him the White House. Based on that prediction, Adams further predicted that Trump didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of reelection. Adams was prescient.

Your comments?

Image: Twitter screen grab.