2023.02.04 Video Podcast: Helter Skelter and the Cult

This is not one of my usual everything-and-the-kitchen-sink video podcasts; instead, it focuses very tightly on Critical Race Theory, gender theory, and America’s children.

A local chapter of Moms for Liberty was nice enough to invite me to give a talk at its monthly meeting. I chose for my subject the way in which the left uses Critical Race Theory and gender theory to capture and indoctrinate American children.

I’d prepared a 35-minute talk but, because the whole event ran late, ended up giving a 20-minute talk. I was immensely gratified that people seemed to like it. Therefore, when I came home, I decided to record the entire talk I’d meant to give.

Of course, once I sat down and started putting together a PowerPoint to go with the talk, the talk kept inching up in length. There’s a lot of pertinent information out there.

I debated with myself about trimming the content but ultimately decided against it. I didn’t decide that because I’m in love with the sound of my own voice (to my ears, I always sound like a squeak toy) but because I believe that parents need to understand exactly what is going on.

The left is currently attacking the three pillars supporting America: The Constitution, the free market, and the Judeo-Christian moral code. As you may recall, regarding that last item, John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” When he said those words, the only religious morality he was contemplating was that in the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments.

Unfortunately, for the most part, Americans have passively given up on the Constitution and the free market, even as the left has gnawed away at them for decades. This passivity isn’t because Americans don’t care. It’s because, unlike leftists, for whom the personal is political (meaning that they never give up the fight, which is intertwined with their lives), regular Americans have actual lives. They’ll fight for a while if roused and then, whether they win or lose, retreat to their real lives…even as the leftists, like the Borg, never give up.

There is, however, one thing about which ordinary Americans will never be passive, and that is their children’s mental and physical well-being. If we are to claw back America, the way to do it is to help parents realize that their children are being used as cannon fodder in an ideological war. They’re being trained as racists, and their minds and bodies are being corrupted through gender theory. This attack is primarily leveled at America’s third leg (the country’s ties to Biblical concepts), but it makes children willing indoctrinated slaves to everything else.

This matters because it’s the difference between a prosperous, free America, and seeing our country slowly and inexorably turn into one of any number of failed — and totalitarian — socialist nations around the world. Anti-communist Americans once consoled themselves by saying, “it can’t happen here,” but the events of the last several years have shown that it can happen, and it can happen very quickly.

My talk, all 85 minutes of it, focuses on the leftist momentum behind Critical Race Theory and gender theory, the missing science behind gender theory, and the way these ideas are being used in the classroom to coopt and destroy children. So, yes, it’s long, but it’s got what parents need to know.

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(This post was previously published at American Thinker.)

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