Just a few more random vacation thoughts

I’m still in New Orleans and have a few more random ideas to throw at you.

First random point: It occurred to me, perhaps because my days off from work have given me a little distance from the subject, that Trump’s and DeSantis’s supporters view them very different. Trump’s supporters view him as a savior, while DeSantis’s supporters view him as a competent politician who highlights issues appealing to conservatives.

Second random point: At the plantation tour yesterday, the guide made a big point about children being put to work as slaves. It’s worth noting that, in the same era and for millennia before, all poor people (i.e., 99% of the world’s population) put their children to work  childhood is a modern luxury.

However my actual random thought was that our transgenderism fixation is just as cruel as, perhaps crueler than, making children enter the adult working world. A child trained to deny his/her biology, and then given potentially deadly puberty blockers, followed by opposite sex hormones, followed by castration  or phalloplasty and mastectomy is a fiercely abused child.

Third random point: New Orleans has lots of homeless people. It’s obvious that the majority — a huge majority — are substance abusers. That substance abuse is a root cause of homelessness, but it’s one of the rare root causes leftists ignore. They will not stop the flow of drugs at our southern border, and they’ve created a vast, profitable infrastructure in Democrat cities to keep the drugs flowing. In other words, they want this population of broken people  it serves their purposes and greed.

(The image is of Jackson Square in New Orleans.)