Rubicon Crossed

Our Constitution and the laws of this nation are nothing more than words on a page.  They were written for a people who operated in good faith.  There is no more good-faith to be had in progressive America.  There are now two classes of Americans.  You are either a progressive ideologue operating above the law, or you are a person below the protections of the law and the Constitution,


Update:  Tucker is spot-on in his comments on this situation tonight.


District Attorney Alvin Bragg has led a grand jury to indict Donald Trump on 30 felony counts, seemingly all without any reasonable basis in the law.  Bragg has, with his wholly political persecution of Donald Trump, led our nation across the Rubicon.  The last time this literally happened, Rome fell into Civil War and the Roman Republic came to an end.  The last time something of this magnitude metaphorically happened in colonial America, the Brits were marching to Concord with orders to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock for treason.  How did that work out?

Bragg has done nothing so aggressive, but his version of the “crossing of the Rubicon” is no less momentous for it.  We  are no longer a Constitutional Republic; the rule of law is dead.  Feel free to say in the comments what you think comes next, whether there is any possibility of resuscitating the rule of law, and if so, how?  I do not see it happening without blood in the streets.

John Hinderaker at Powerline sums up this day:

. . . [T]oday is an evil day in America’s history. The Democrats are behaving like a party from a pre-Enlightenment, pre-constitutional era. Seeing themselves in the driver’s seat, they are making a naked grab for totalitarian power across a broad range of issues and institutions. Indicting a former president on frivolous grounds is shocking, but it is of a piece with the strategies Democrats are following in Washington and across the country.

I could not agree more.

That said, to add context — the Constitution, ratified at conventions of citizens (not state governments) held throughout the United States in 1786-87, was the social contract that bound together the people of our nation for over two centuries.  The document itself is wholly apolitical, favoring no political party or ideology.  It merely sets up a framework for government grounded in the lessons of history, from the Roman Republic to the English Civil War, from the observations of John Locke to the attempt of Britain to strip her American colonists of their rights as English citizens.  The drafters also realized that the Constitution might need to be altered in the future, so they provided two methods to do so in Article V, both of which required a very broad agreement among the people.  Neither of the means of amending the Constitution allowed for any role to be played by the Courts.

The drafters of our Constitution did not see the rise of Marxist progressives a century ago and their utter contempt for the U.S. Constitution.  They did foresee that Woodrow Wilson would, over a century ago, unilaterally amend the Constitution to create an “administrative state” with the powers of a super-legislature divorced from direct control by the ballot box.  And the drafters did not know that progressives in the Judiciary, beginning about 1940, would turn the courts into the most dangerous branch of government by assuming a power to amend the Constitution, regularly announcing their preferred social policy as newly discovered Constitutional law.  It’s all in the penumbras.  (Though, interestingly enough, Judge Robert Yates saw this danger clearly in 1787 and tried to sound a warning).

Conservatives in this nation did nothing of any consequence to stem this juggernaut.  Thus today the progressives that started unconstitutionally altering our nation a century ago are now making their final bid to take permanent power.  Our Constitution and laws have been reduced to but a speed bump in this quest.

Alvin Bragg, a political creature who ran for office with a Levetny Beria-like promise to find some way to charge Donald Trump with a crime has now put the icing on the cake of making it illegal to be a conservative.  That’s Soviet, not American.  That’s the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, not the U.S. Constitution’s rule of law.

In Manhattan, criminal felons go free under Alvin Bragg while Donald Trump is to be tried on 30 felony counts for committing a misdemeanor that never in modern history been prosecuted successfully.  If you need a reminder, look to the failed federal case against Democrat Presidential Candidate John Edwards.  Moreover:

And of course, while Trump is being prosecuted on a truly ludicrous, untried legal theory, progressives walk freely and with impunity.

On a very much related note, I have complained bitterly for years that Nancy Pelosi  has been the single most toxic person in government.  The road we are on today, with conservatives below the law, was made progressive policy when Pelosi stage-managed two impeachments of Donald Trump without allowing him – the President of the United States — procedural due process, that being the right to hear witnesses called against him, the right to cross-examine those witnesses, and the right to call witnesses on his behalf.  That is the beating heart of due process, something we allow the lowliest of criminals.  It has well over a thousand years of history in American and, before that, English law.  And never was an impeachment held over the past millennium in which the subject of the impeachment was denied due process, whether in the House of Commons or our own House of Representatives.  That was, until Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler conspired to deny Donald Trump his basic constitutional rights.  That is a felony, and yet everyone acquiesced to it.  Trump did not force the issue.  McConnel did not force the issue.

And now we have this odious felon, Pelosi, stating that Donald Trump is not “above the law” and that he must “prove his innocence” at trial.

Pelosi embracing “rule of law” is just sickening hypocrisy.

And . . . if only . . .

So, can this nation be saved and how?  Feel free to respond in the comments.  I admit to being pessimistic at the moment.