Bookworm Beat 9/1/23: The COVID is back again illustrated edition

When I looked at my image collection, I was surprised to see that COVID’s alleged return topped the meme chart, even above the Gadsden kid, Biden, Trump, gender, or other perennial topics — all of which you’ll find here.

Also, my apologies for the paucity of substantive posts. We’ve had some staffing issues at American Thinker, so I’ve had to put my day off on hold…and that’s the day I usually write things or, when I’m in the mood, record podcasts. But enough about me. Here are the memes.

The next five images are a narrative showing that Facebook is already getting its ducks in a row to use COVID misinformation to reinstate the COVID regime and, inevitably, affect the election:

And now back to stand-alone memes: