Justice Gorsuch and why you can’t fire the crazy lady

There’s a video making the rounds of a crazy gender lady who obviously shouldn’t be in an office…but you can’t fire her. Thanks, Justice Gorsuch.

There’s yet another video of a crazed gender lady making the rounds. This one is of a very obvious XX chromosome person — an adult human female — who insists that she isn’t a woman. Therefore, she’s now decided that, when someone at work addresses her and the other women as “ladies,” she’s going to ignore whatever is being said:

The snarky side of me says, “Well, maybe the employer should say, ‘Hey, ladies and crazy person.’ Alternatively, the employer could say, ‘Hey, ladies. There’s a toxic gas leak in the building. Everyone needs to leave now.'”

What a friend actually said to me was, “That person should be fired because she’s a lousy employee.”

My friend is correct, but the sad fact is that, thanks to Justice Neil Gorsuch, she cannot be fired. That’s because Gorsuch read “gender identity” into the 1964 Civil Rights Act, a law passed when gender identity was not a concept. (They were normal back in the day.)

This was sheer textualism on his part, which means a reading of the statute so literal that it amounts to abject stupidity. Laws should have the meaning the legislators intended them to have. In 1964, no legislator intended that workplaces would have to accommodate someone’s manifest mental illness, especially when that mental illness was interfering with the person’s ability to do his or her job.

Gorsuch is one of the most destructive people in America because he has effectively institutionalized the dangerous “transgender” fantasy. He’ll get no consequences in this life for what he’s done, so I devoutly hope there is a God and an afterlife, to ensure that he eventually gets his just reward for his acts on this earth.