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The attack on Gaza

Israel finally said “enough is enough” and counterattacked Gaza.  I think John Podhoretz nails everything that needs to be said on the subject in the short-term, and I’m impressed enough with his depth and brevity to reproduce his entire paragraph right here: Israel launched a massive air campaign against the

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The Palestinians

Starting with a recent poll taken of Palestinians — one that showed that, despite the Gaza withdrawal, they fully support increased killings in Israel — Richard Baehr has written an exceptionally good article examining the Palestinians.  For me to analyze it or try to summarize it would be a waste

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Here’s a surprise

For a year, Gaza has rained over 2,000 rockets onto Israeli soil, aiming specifically for civilian communities.  There was, of course, nary a peep from the UN.  Now that Israel has struck back, targeting specifically militants who happen to hide amongst civilian populations, the UN Rights Council springs into action:

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