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England swings wildly between the extremes

In 1931, Nancy Langhorne Astor’s son Robert Gould Shaw III was arrested for committing a homosexual act (in a park, I believe).  This was a continuation of a long-standing British public policy of prosecuting “sodomists.”  Arguably the most famous prosecution was that against Oscar Wilde, for public indecency.  The trial,

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Kevin Jennings, the “Safe Schools Czar,” is unwittingly poised to take a swan dive off the Obama bus

The first scandal that unfolded was an autobiographical confession from Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.”  Jennings proudly wrote that, when he elicited from a teenage boy the fact that the teenager was sexually involved with an adult man, Jennings didn’t flinch.  Unconcerned about such minutiae as statutory rape, child

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Gay Pride week

The San Francisco Examiner online has a big section on Gay Pride Week.  It reminded me of why I’ve always found gay self-identification strikingly different from all other major group identifications. There is no doubt that people tend to try to find like people, and this is true whether they

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