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Trump immigration order is not like Hitler

Trump’s immigration order does not mark the second coming of Hitler

The Progressives on my real-me Facebook feed are having a collective mental collapse in response to President Trump’s new immigration order. Typically, their behavior is predicated, not upon actual facts, but upon media propaganda and their own factual and historic ignorance. This post will rebut the worst, most misleading of

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[VIDEO] Ayaan Hirsi Ali shames feminists who don’t stand up for Muslim women

It seems to me that an alternative title for this video could be “Moral Relativism Kills.” The West’s feminists freely go around denigrating Western men (especially white Western men) as rapists, sexual chauvinists, workplace pigs, and tyrants, etc. However, when faced with the real tyranny of Islamic and Arab culture

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The Bookworm Beat 5-22-15 — the “no more doctors, please!” edition and open thread

My post title notwithstanding, I am well, I have been well, and I expect that I will continue to be well. It’s just that I’ve spent between five and fifteen hours every week for the last few weeks in doctors’ offices thanks to my mother and my kids, all of

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