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Dear Elites — no, Trump is not a fascist, but Hillary probably is *UPDATED*

The hysterical screeds that self-styled “elite” Progressives are writing about Trump’s alleged fascism betray appalling historical and political ignorance. It’s time again, therefore, for an education about political systems. Before I begin, though, let me give you a perfect example of the shrill, uninformed rants from America’s supposedly educated class. This

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The real threat that the Ann Romneys of the world represent to the statist Left

I’ve been thinking (and if those aren’t ominous words, I don’t know what are).  I’ve been thinking about the Left’s attack on stay-at-home Mom’s, an attack that Hilary Rosen started, and that others have continued.  To refresh your recollection, let’s start with Rosen, who says that Ann Romney “has actually

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