Progressives and their poopy mouths

Years ago, when I first became aware of the blogosphere, I noticed a single huge dividing line between Progressive and conservative political writers:  the former have dirty mouths.  Their blogs are filled with references to human waste and human sexual acts, all spelled out in the crudest terms.  Interestingly enough, I see that at home too, although it may just be the difference between boys and girls.  I, a conservative, never swear (except when some idiot driver almost t-bones me), whereas my husband, a liberal, swears with increasing fervor as he ages.

Now, for the first time, in San Francisco, swearing has become the official public policy for at least one Progressive stupidvisor.  This would be the execrable Chris Daly, who has announced that, henceforth, he will make sure to drop the F-bomb at every single Stupidvisor meeting in 2010.  The really sad thing is that, on the list of political transgressions Daly routinely commits, this is probably the least harmful.  It may offend the refined, but it won’t have an actual impact on poor, battered San Francisco.

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  • Ymarsakar

    This links up with the Dr. Helen blog I pseudo linked on the previous post.
    You can read the three comments I posted there starting here.
    If you want a recap, look up Professor Gates’ behavior at his home.
    The reason why Leftists and them folks are always verbally abusive and violent is because they are 1. afraid of physical violence and 2. in denial that physical violence will ever happen due to their verbal fencing abilities.
    So they yack and yack and yack, always threatening and always being aggressive rather than assertive. And then sit on the fence and talk about the immorality of violence.
    Those of us that have been trained in the use of violence and in killing, don’t have such socialite luxuries. We can’t mouth off like Gates did to the officers, because we know the real world consequences and have to be prepared for them as adults rather than spoiled children ignorant of the storm.
    Knowing the reality, having the power to affect it, means taking responsibility. The Left takes no responsibility and holds themselves unaccountable, regardless of what happens when they mouth off like idiotic bully teenagers.

  • Ymarsakar

    Killers, serial killers, and mass murderers have one thing in common.
    When they are killing and slaughtering people, they aren’t talking.
    If you want to know why that is, you need to study the reality behind violence and not the myth about violence crafted by Leftist idiots and evil mongers.
    The point of a verbal threat or a threat display like Gate’s Black Hood imitation, is to draw a line and say don’t come any further or else violence will ensue. The Left doesn’t have enough security to stay on their territory because they are afraid of physical violence, so they react out of proportion to the threat and start verbally assaulting people as a way to defend themselves. You’ve seen how these enemies of humanity attack people as a way to defend themselves or their ideologues. Since the Left believes they will never be affected by violence, they think they have all the excuse in the world to go anywhere they want on the social continuity.
    This intimidates and scares off most people, as would be expected. It doesn’t intimidate real killers, however. It doesn’t intimate those of us able to cross from Zero to the realm of the asocial, known as the farthest extreme of human violence imagined.
    A police officer might be intimidated, and they attack you in response because now they fear you. Or they may not be intimidated and arrest you to forestall any escalation. But if you were facing a killer, he’d just pull out the gun and empty the clip into you. I’ve seen security footage of exactly that, when some guy bumps into a gang member, then swings a fist and adopts the ‘threat display’ posture. A great place to stand while getting shot full of holes.
    How people behave when they know their life is on the line and how people behave when they think they can attack anybody they want with impunity because they have ‘political juice’ are two different modes of behavior.
    Humanity has always functioned better under the former rather than the latter. Wouldn’t you say so, Book. And this is why a polite society is an armed society. Nothing gets done without the threat of force to back up all agreements.

  • Jose

    It appears to me that there is also a correlation between self mutilation (tattoos and piercing) and those who want to save the planet

  • Charles Martel

    “This would be the execrable Chris Daly, who has announced that, henceforth, he will make sure to drop the F-bomb at every single Stupidvisor meeting in 2010.” 

    Poor, pathetic Chris Daly. Why is it that leftists compliment themselves on being “transgressive” and “envelope-stretching” every time they f*rt, whether through an upper orifice or a lower?

    They remind me of the stage where very young children are just gob-smacked impressed with their own feces and other products of their little bodies.  I suppose, though, that when you realize you are qualified to produce only crap, literally and figuratively, you kind of get stuck in gear.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The Left is notorious for F-bombs, scatological comments, obsession with gross sexual references, degrading comments about others’ sexuality, disgusting references to bodily functions. Doesn’t that come hand in hand with demon possession? Hey, I saw it in The Exorcist!
    You might want to try waving a cross in the direction of your husband now and then, Book, just to see what kind of reaction you get. Get some Holy Water from your local Catholic (or Episcopal) Church and flick it at him to see if it burns. Never hurts to be careful.

  • gkong3

    Not to disagree; there are a few sites out there that hew to the ‘conservative’ side of politics that are rather creative with their use of profanity. Much of the ‘Moronosphere’, for instance.
    I grant you that we use much less ‘bad language’, but we do still use them.

  • Bookworm

    Yeah, we do swear occasionally (especially a few of the MilBloggers), but it’s really not at the level you see in the liberal blogosphere.

  • gkong3

    Bookworm; I must recommend you visit Eddiebear’s (courtesy of doubleplusundead) posts sometime. He is an absolute master of the F-U phrase.
    Granted, he’s the only one I know.
    What distinguishes us more, I believe, is the way in which we use it. We use it to vent frustration, and mostly as direct insults or sort of as a challenge – the equivalent of molon labe, so to speak.
    The lefties would use it in the ugliest fashion imaginable; not as insults or challenges, but in the most derogatory, most… I don’t even know how to describe it except as ugly.