Gun control advocates crash children’s event in Marin

The Marin YMCA just wanted to host its annual “Healthy Kids” day.  “Organizing for America,” the perpetual Obama campaign, had a different idea, crashing the event by setting a table in an adjacent parking-lot in such a way that it looked like part of the YMCA sponsored event.  To its credit, the YMCA said “Leave!”:

Two Marin organizations interested in slightly different aspects of children’s health bumped heads Saturday in Marinwood.

The Marin YMCA hosted its annual Healthy Kids Day event at its facility at 1500 Los Gamos Drive, and the Marin chapter of Organizing for Action, a grass-roots group formed to support President Obama’s legislative agenda, decided to take advantage of that fact to recruit supporters for gun control legislation.

The Organizing for Action group set up an information table and hoisted picket signs in a private parking lot adjacent to where the fair was taking place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The gun control advocates, which included Corte Madera Mayor Diane Furst and Larkspur Councilwoman Ann Morrison, were later ordered to move out of the parking lot after the YMCA complained to the property manager in charge of the lot. The YMCA declined to comment on the dustup.

Here’s something for OFA to think about:  children are not healthy in the slums of Chicago, which has extremely strict gun control; they’re not healthy in the slums of South Central LA, which has extremely strict gun control; they’re not healthy in the slums of Oakland, California, which has extremely strict gun control; they’re not healthy in Mexico, which has extremely strict gun control; they’re not happy in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and a whole bunch of other places that have extremely strict gun control.

Maybe the problem isn’t the gun control; maybe the problem is a Democrat control that does everything it can to destroy respect for individual life, to destroy families, and to leave people — or, in socialist talk, proles or drones — dependent on a state that has no conscience and no respect for individual life, and that, therefore, breeds people who have no conscience either.

This seems like an appropriate video to expose the deep-thinkers that support OFA’s drive for gun control:

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  1. Charles Martel says

    It’s pretty obvious how the gun control folks can win this one: Have somebody in their group immediately out him/herself as gay, then accuse the YMCA of homophobia.

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