Conservatives should take a page out of the Islamists’ book and disavow bad actors marching under their banner

Mia TalericoA friend tipped me off to the fact that a few deranged individuals have been sending hate mail and threats to an absolutely adorable five-year-old girl who stars on the Disney Channel’s show Good Luck Charlie.  The trigger for this behavior was an episode in the show that saw Disney decide to peddle same-sex marriage to the kindergarten crowd:

On January 26, the Disney Channel made a gentle stride into a more progressive era by featuring its first-ever same-sex couple on an episode of Good Luck Charlie, introducing two lesbian moms who bring their child over for a playdate, then show everyone they’re just like normal parents by not scissoring or establishing a golf pro shop in front of the kids.

Unsurprisingly, conservative groups objected to Disney’s tactic, proving that they’re a bit slow on the uptake here.  As the friend who notified me about the kerfuffle pointed out, Disney long-ago stopped being family friendly, meaning that it no longer stands for the family values in which Walt Disney believed and that were once normative in America.

In the last couple of decades, Disney has been responsible for an incredible amount of brightly colored, highly polished, cheerily-presented trash being streamed into America’s homes.  Small wonder that so many former Disney stars have embraced drink, drugs, and very public sexual misbehavior.  (Hey, Miley!  Is that you?)  Indeed, to discredit once and for all any hint of Walt Disney’s old-fashioned values, big name stars such as the ubiquitous (and, to me, increasingly dull) Meryl Streep have resurrected the old Leftist canard — unsupported by any evidence — that Walt was a rabid anti-Semite and someone so sexist that, even by the standards of the day, he stood out.  All of which is to say that nowadays Disney is just another corporate Hollywood institution staffed primarily by the entertainment world’s Democrat Party fanatics.

But getting back to the hate mail the show engendered.  To the extent people felt the need to protest Disney’s right to preach gay marriage to the toddler set (something protected by freedom of speech, but perhaps not wise as commercial speech), they should have done so by writing to Disney’s corporate office and (a) politely explaining their objections and (b) equally politely say that, because of those objections, they would henceforth delete Disney from their child’s playlist.  Most, I’m sure, did.  At least one person, however, followed the path of derangement:

Now police are investigating some voices who have been making death threats aimed at the show’s star, Mia Talerico. By the way, Mia Talerico is 5 years old.

TMZ first noted that Talerico began receiving death threats on her Instagram feed last month, right around the time the “controversy” broke. According to police reports, these included messages such as “Die Mia, Fucking die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die.” That same suspect also reportedly sent a photo of Talerico’s head covered by a bloody fist and the message, “Yes, kill you stupid bitch.” Again, Talerico is 5 years old, and the star of a Disney show about an adorable little girl that had lesbians on it one time.

My friend commented that there are few things worse than stupid conservatives.  I agree, although I think there are two other possibilities here:  (1) the person who sent those vile threats isn’t politically motivated but is, instead, solidly insane and dangerous; and (2) it’s a false flag operation, run by a Leftist seeking to discredit conservatives.  This is not as wacky as it sounds.  In the past year, I’ve been aware of two instances in which Leftists sent hate-filled material to themselves, once at Oberlin and the other at the University of Wyoming, in order to discredit conservatives and to satisfy their histrionic personality disorders.  (Here’s a list of other anti-conservative hate-crime hoaxes.)

On the off-chance, though, that this really was someone spewing insults and threats against a five-year-old in the name of conservativism, I have the perfect response. Conservatives need to use the Islamo-defense mode. You know how it goes: Some guy hollering “Allahu akbar” blows himself up in a crowd. Lots of people begin to say, “Gee, these Muslims sure are violent.” At which point the apologists in the Muslim community say, “If they’re violent, then they’re not real Muslims.” By saying that, the Muslim community disavows responsibility for the act and, by extension, disclaims any obligation to look at its teachings to see if they could be modified so as not to be an inspiration to perpetual and murderous outrage.

If conservatives were as media savvy as their ideology is realistic and intelligent, their defense here would be, “Anyone this stupid, vicious, twisted, violent, and generally hate-filled, is not a real conservative.”  Right now, we have a habit of demanding that bad actors who label themselves as conservatives should be punished for their bad acts, but it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone in the conservative front lines to say “That person is not a conservative.”

Doing things the Islamo-defense way means that one never has to look at the ideologies underlying the bad behavior to determine whether the actor is in harmony with the ideology (“Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another”) or acting in opposition to it (“hate the sin, love the sinner”). Indeed, it’s this type of blessed ignorance that allows people to declare that the 9/11 terrorists who killed 2,996 civilians on a sunny morning were Freedom Fighters indistinguishable from the American Revolutionaries who battled the British King’s troops.

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  1. Robert Arvanitis says

    Issues here regarding “orders of magnitude.”
    A bad-actor Republican may misspeak, or slander, or even cheat on his wife.
    A bad-actor Islamist cuts off people’s heads.
    So the question is “Say what?!”

  2. Matt_SE says

    Islamists say things like that because they’re opportunistic liars.
    Conservatives don’t say things like that because we’re realists. I think most conservatives could imagine a situation so bad that adherence to unjust laws would itself be immoral. Under those circumstances, “violent action” is NOT prohibited. It might be unwise, maybe self-defeating…but not prohibited.
    Hitler, Stalin, etc. spring to mind but Obama is increasingly pushing the envelope.
    Non-violent action always sounds great (gettin’ our Gandhi on!), and is probably still more effective than anything else. But there’s a catch: there has to be a moral core to the country/audience in order for you to impress them with your convictions.
    I think someone like Gandhi wouldn’t have lasted 3 months in an evil regime like the Nazis. He would have been unceremoniously executed.

  3. Charles Martel says

    Matt_SE, I remember an alternative history science fiction story where the Germans conquer India in WWII and run into the passive resistance movement led by Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Just as you surmise above, the Krauts quickly take both men out to the scaffolds and that’s that.
    I don’t think the moral core of our country is anywhere as large and robust as it once was. Passive resistance and non-violent actions will fail if their intent solely is to persuade young women, the upper middle-class, and the Joe Bidens of the rightness of the conservative cause. Those people are too far gone. The goal should not be persuasion but instead the complete disruption of a corrupt federal government. Choke it and disable it until it can’t function, even if it resorts to violence.

  4. michal says

    If conservatives were as media savvy as their ideology is realistic and intelligent, their defense here would be, “Anyone this stupid, vicious, twisted, violent, and generally hate-filled, is not a real conservative.”
    They think/believe/know that Conservatives are evil, not wrong (well,that too) or misguided, just bad and evil.  When we aren’t evil , then we are stupid, flat-earthers, unenlightened.
    What can we possibly say to counter these claims?
    Even this turns out to be a hoax, no one ever reads retractions .  The damage is done.

  5. Matt_SE says

    Also, in a more practical sense, conservatives treat people as individuals. We don’t presume to speak for others…there is no “party line,” thank goodness.

  6. says

    In other words, what all of you are saying is that we’re going to be destroyed by our own virtues.  The same, I fear, will ultimately be true of Israel, which has always opted to destroy houses, rather than people.  In the battle between a moral and an immoral army, the immoral army wins — unless, as was the case in WWII, the moral army is willing to kill to destroy immorality. 

    Fighting hard and dirty in politics is the same as killing in war.  If your opponent will, and you won’t, you lose.  If you also fight hard and dirty because you’re engaged in a “good fight,” you’ll likely win, but you may not like yourself very much at the end of the day.  The immoral army doesn’t have those post-battle moral qualms.

  7. bizcor says

    Bookworm is right. Our side needs to quit pulling their punches. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney had all the ammunition necessary to defeat Obama and neither would lower the boom. The liberals lie. Conservatives don’t have to lie they need only tell the truth. The truth about Benghazi, the IRS targeting, Obama Care, etc. It’s all there for the taking. Forget about appeasing the MSM ,it’s never going to happen. Go for the jugular it is the only solution.

  8. says

    The universities hold regular brainwashing classes on how to emit and reinforce propaganda. We don’t have a counterpart such as Propaganda 101, other than what individual choose to pursue as a hobby.
    So on the one hand, you’re facing mass produced zombie fighters on the Left. On the other hand, conservatives look for a single unique individual hero, which whenever it comes on the scene, is quickly primary fired on and then deaded. On the front lines, the grassroots, the 501s like ACORN or Planned Parenthood, are recruiting these zombies from the academy and outfitting them with suicide bombs and various other advanced field tested weapons to be used on the local populace.
    A war requires an army to fight. The Left has been building their zombie and monster armies for a century now. There is an obvious difference in logistics and strategic leverage here.

  9. Matt_SE says

    The simple truth is that leftism doesn’t work. It never will.
    Mises nailed the mechanics: that central planners will never have enough information to succeed because they have cast aside the market and the concept of prices.
    Coupled to that, I would add that leftists have always profoundly misunderstood human nature and what motivates people to succeed.
    And without success, what can one do but fail?


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