Lt. Col. Allen West — a real choice in Florida

Every two years, like clockwork, Marinites return the execrable Lynn Woolsey to Congress.  She’s so bad — by which I mean such a loopy Leftist — that I didn’t vote for her even when I was a Democrat.  I was a moderate; she was, and is, a nut case.  But still she wins, regularly sweeping in about 70% of the vote.

Voters here don’t care what Woolsey is, what she believes or what she offers; they just like that “D” after her name.  I have no doubt but that she’ll win again this year, for precisely the same reason.

If you’re in Florida’s 22nd District, however, you have the opportunity to vote for someone special.  I don’t know what the Republican/Democratic balance is in the 22nd District but, if it’s close, maybe he can win, and maybe there’ll be a true counterweight in Congress to Woolsey and her ilk.  If anyone has the cojones, as a freshman Congressman, to make waves, it’s West.

An interesting unscientific poll in the heart of Marin

Look on the lower left right side of the screen capture to see a very interesting the poll from the Marin Independent Journal, the local Marin newspaper:

Marin IJ

The poll, of course, can be totally slanted because of a couple of emails to conservatives living in Marin.  What makes the poll more interesting than the scientifically suspect results is the caption the IJ itself gave the poll:  Honeymoon is Over.


Land of the stupid

I can guarantee you that Mr. Jim Bramell, a Mill Valley resident spouting this kind of belly-gazing crap, was not on the streets protesting at any time during the last several years as Hamas fired thousands of missiles into Israel, destroying myriad little castles (for footage of some of those destroyed little Israeli castles, many of which were intentionally targeted schools, check out this post):

“Everybody has a right to a home,” Bramell said. “My home is my castle and the Palestinians’ home is their castle.”

These people turn my stomach, they really do.  Their little brains are bounded by a willful lack of information, compounded by a complete absence either of morality or coherent thinking.

UPDATE:  Typos fixed.  Rage, phone calls, and laundry all put me into incoherent territory.

This is what happens when taxes go up

I suspect that, once Obama starts raising taxes, buyer’s remorse is going to set in with incredible speed.  This article focuses on the local economy, but is a harbinger of what will happen when taxes go up on a larger, national scale:

A temporary 1.5 percentage point sales tax increase proposed Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to deal with the state’s worsening fiscal crisis comes just two days after Marin voters approved a quarter-cent sales tax increase for passenger rail service.In San Rafael, it would push the sales tax to 10 percent.

“The timing is terrible,” said Lise Sonnen, owner of Sonnen BMW in San Rafael. “Chevrolet across the street is in Chapter 11. All their new cars are gone. The Ford store died. … It’s hard enough for us as it is.”

San Rafael City Manager Ken Nordhoff said San Rafael’s sales tax, up a quarter of a percent after Tuesday’s passage of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit tax, is about half a point higher than the sales tax in other Marin cities.

Schwarzenegger, who proposed the tax hike along with another $4.5 billion in spending cuts during a news briefing, said he has little choice: Just six weeks after signing an overdue state budget intended to close a $15.2 billion deficit, the state faces an $11.2 billion deficit.


In addition to raising the sales tax, Schwarzenegger is proposing expanding its scope to include some services such as vehicle, appliance and furniture repair.

“That would be another $50 or so on our average ticket, which would definitely hurt,” said Gary Nugent, service manager at Heynneman European, a San Rafael auto repair shop. Nugent said the shop’s business is already down 50 percent due to the economic crisis.

The sales tax hike, which would continue for three years, is part of $4.4 billion in tax increases proposed by Schwarzenegger. Other revenue could come from raising the registration fee for vehicles by $12 and taxing companies that extract oil from California, which he said would generate $528 million this year.


State Sen. George Runner, the Senate’s GOP caucus chairman, flatly said Republicans will not support a general tax increase.

“The fact is that during this time of economic challenges is not the time to go back to California taxpayers and ask for more money from them,” said Runner, of Lancaster.

Read the rest here.

I can assure you that, as Marin resident, I will do my best to leave the county for any big purchases I need to make. If I can get into a county that charges 8.5% in taxes, that’s where I’ll make my bigger purchases.  For example, if I need a new car (which I don’t right now, but will soon), I will save $450 on a $30,000 car just by driving a few extra miles.  Small drive; big savings; no-brainer.

It never seems to occur to anyone in government to stop a deficit by cutting spending.  Wouldn’t it be nice if, when I go on a spending spree and outrun my budget, I could simply go to my boss and extort more money from him?  I can’t, though, and the government shouldn’t be able to either.

To be entirely honest, the article does discuss the fact that the government is making spending cuts, most notably for schools.  With those cuts in mind, I’d like to suggest that, if the schools refined their focus to on reading, writing and arithmetic, and stopped all the environmental and community service stuff (which should emanate from the home and not the school), they’d find that they could manage with a shorter day and fewer resources.  I like my schools to educate, not attempt to take over as parents, imposing their values, not mine, on the students.

Obama hangs with the rich folk

Obama bills himself as a man of the people, who will beat down big business (although some of the more disingenuous in big business have already figured out a way to profit from these so-called populist policies). Indeed, his “man of the people” credentials may run a lot deeper than he’s admitted, since it turns out that the father on whom he admittedly modeled his political ideals was an extremist, dyed-in-the-wool communist. Given his populist stance, Obama’s recent trip to the Bay Area, during which he hobnobbed only with the richest and most famous, is amusing, since it either presents a man with no discernible principles or it presents a bunch of rich people who are allowing themselves to be led like lambs to the slaughter.

Zombie was around when Obama visited the ultimate Plutocrats, the Gettys. And the Marin Independent Journal was around when Obama hit the rich spots in Marin County, itself one of the richest places in America:

The presidential hopeful stopped by an exclusive Kentfield estate on Sunday for a fundraising reception that drew more than 300 supporters with guests paying $2,300 each.


The 46-year-old Democratic senator started the day in Atherton [really rich people], made his way to Marin [really rich people] and then was due in at the Getty [plutocrats] mansion in San Francisco for another event.

Actually, the political pandering from Obama, on the one hand, and the stupid fawning from the rich, on the other hand, wasn’t what I found so irritating about the IJ article. Politics in America is, after all, mostly about power, and Obama looks as if he will have the power and these people think that they can buy access. End of story.

Nope. What irritated me was the way in which a career member of the military ended up inadvertently being used as Obama’s campaign pawn:

A U.S. soldier in Iraq will have a special message from Sen. Barack Obama awaiting him when he returns to Marin.”Ronan, thank you for your service,” Obama wrote Sunday on the bill of a canvas hat that belonged to Capt. Ronan Kennedy, of Kentfield.


“I’ve got my knickers in a knot,” Noreen Kennedy said. “Just the fact that he took the time to talk to me, it was unbelievable. That man is simply amazing. You could just feel his presence.”

“He asked me how long had my son been in Iraq,” Kennedy said. “I told him this was his second tour of duty. He just shook his head. You could see he could feel your pain. I feel like I just met the Pope.”

Ronan Kennedy, 27, grew up in Kentfield, attended Kentfield schools and graduated from Redwood High School in 1999. He was redeployed to Iraq last September and his tour won’t be up until January of next year.

“I asked him if he could help bring my son home,” Kennedy said. “He said, ‘We’re working on it.'”

I appreciate that a Mom wishes her son to be safe, but I do wonder how much Capt. Kennedy appreciates being used for political purposes by a man who plans to undo everything for which Capt. Kennedy has fought.

Also, one has to wonder about the tense dynamics in the Kennedy house, where the son is career military, and the Mom is a peace activist. Those must be some Thanksgiving dinners there!

UPDATE:  Welcome, Zombietime readers.  I dislike Obama a great deal, and waste way too much of my time blogging about him.  If you’d like to see more of my Obama posts, you’ll find a listing here.

And Zombie, if you check back here, I just wanted to say that I think you are a brilliant photojournalist and I very much appreciate your nod in my direction.