Unkind to the victims

Dennis Prager often states that being kind to violent criminals almost inevitably means being unkind to their future victims.  Now, I don’t know whether the two men whose criminal records are described below walked off lightly because of liberal criminal policies or the overload of the criminal justice system, but they certainly had bad records and they were out and about:

State records indicate both suspects are on parole. Lovett was given a suspended sentence in January for misdemeanor larceny and breaking and entering. Atwater was convicted of felony breaking and entering in 2005 and illegal possession of a firearm in 2007. He also received a suspended sentence.

Goodness me!  I forgot to tell you what these fine citizens did while on parole, didn’t I?  Remember the stories last week about Eve Carson, the beloved UNC student who was mourned by thousands of her classmates after she was found shot to death with her bullet-riddled body abandoned on the street?  I remember those stories, because they made me cry.  Anyway, these fine men are almost certainly responsible for her death, as evidenced by the fact that they were driving her car and trying to use her ATM card right after her execution.

When we are kind to the criminals we are unkind to their victims.  I believe that people can be redeemed, although that redemption tends to be limited to those who commit stupid or immature crimes, not those who show themselves quite early to be set upon an evil, violent, sociopathic path that has no consideration for others.  As to those last-mentioned people, I also believe that there are wolves among us and that they have to be segregated from the population unless we’re pretty damn sure about their redemption.