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[VIDEO] The honest campaign speech that every American — and especially every Black American — needs to hear

Thanks to a little personal chaos, I arrived late to hearing Donald Trump’s “law and order” speech, which is really more accurately entitled a “Dear African-Americans, please get off the grim, crime-ridden, paranoid Democrat plantation and step out into the light as a free citizen in a free country.” It’s

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If you masquerade as a US citizen, you’ll be treated as one

Back in 1989, Bay Area locals were stunned to learn of a horrific massacre up in Sonoma County: [Ramon] Salcido, now 47, used a gun and knife to murder his wife, Angela Richards Salcido, 24; their daughters, 4-year-old Sofia and 22-month-old Teresa; his mother-in-law, Marion Richards, 47; her daughters, 12-year-old

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