The state of free speech today

As I do, my in-laws, all of whom are McCain supporters, live in a liberal community.  They periodically get together with their conservative friends and bemoan the fact that lawn signs are stolen or despoiled, or that cars bearing McCain-Palin bumperstickers are targets of vandalism (keying, smashed windows, etc.).

Along with the rest of us, they were unimpressed by MSM hysteria about a few nasty-mouthed audience members at McCain/Palin rallies.  They know that, while those people get the attention, the reality is more consistent with Michelle Malkin’s photo essay showing the hatred routinely spewing from liberals towards conservatives generally, and Bush, Cheney, Palin and McCain specifically.

This video gives you a frightening insight into the abuse conservatives face when they exercise their right to free speech:


Unsurprisingly, my in-laws have been as cautious as I have been about the decision to put a McCain bumpersticker on the car.  The resulting ruined paint job or scratched window can make free speech extremely expensive.  Unlike me, though, my in-laws are clever and they came up with an alternative bumpersticker, which will soon decorate their car, and which they plan on distributing to their local McCain-Palin organizations.  Isn’t this great?