There’s more at stake here than we realize

Steve Schippert’s focus has been on national security (he was one of the founders of, so for that reason alone he’s viewed the Obama candidacy and the Democratic ascendancy with dismay.  He’s now concerned that even more may be at stake, as an Obama presidency threatens to undermine completely the core nature of the United States of America, as defined in the Constitution.  His jumping off point is news that 8th graders in Wisconsin, working out of a brand new state-approved text book, are being given 15 pages of Obama worship.  As Steve says:

If we can only get past the nuisance ritual of election, we’ll have no need for priest or president, pastor or principal. We will have Dear Leader, President of The World.

Get up. Get active. Get moving.

Or get ready to cede your liberties and earnings in the spirit of ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’

I am not ready. Nor will I ever be. For behind the curtain of the redistribution of wealth lies the true ambition of the assumption of central power. Our Constitution protects against the rise of Central governmental power, derived only through its wresting from the individual citizen. But that parchment… It’s a silly thing… To be admired in books and museums for its antiquity and aged appearance. But we need not bother reading it. Or following it.