Call your Congress person on SEIU’s dime

Got the following email from a friend, which is an appropriate follow-up to the post I did about Michele Bachmann’s recommendation that you call your Congress person daily to protest Obama Care:

Hey, all! When you make those phone calls to senators and congresspeople in response to Michelle Bachman’s call for help, Roberto suggested we do the following (I did a test run and it’s a great, great idea):

Use the hotline provided by the comrades at SEIU

The SEIU “Hotline” for calling your representative to urge him to pass Obamacare (hah!) is:


It’s free, it’s on the SEIU dime. Let’s use their dime against them.

I tried it too and it seems to work.

Incidentally, while I’m truly no friend of the SEIU, which I consider a thuggish operation at best, I want to remind you that unions are not monolithically behind the President on this one. Gerald W. McEntee, president of the very big American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, has written a fiery denunciation of the president’s “tax the middle class” scheme, although he’s perfectly happy to tax the rich to achieve the same goal.