The people have spoken — and UC backs down

New UC logo

When both Left and Right are outraged about something, it’s reasonable to believe that the something that inspired their collective ire is a bad idea.  Such is the case with the University of California’s dreadful idea for a new logo.  In the face of a rising tide of protest and ridicule, UC has decided to jettison it’s terrible mistake:

The logo is a no-go.

That’s right, the University of California is yanking its new logo after an intense backlash against the design, which some compared to, well, a flushing toilet.

News of the logo’s death spread quickly Friday on social media, as critics celebrated with “huzzahs” and an array of snarky remarks.

“Power of the people! … I applaud UC for listening and pulling logo,” tweeted Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom who had stepped into the fray and urged UC to scrap the new look.

As of Friday morning, a petition to get rid of the logo had more than 54,360 supporters, less than a week after the shield-shaped “U” with a smaller “C” inside it took a beating in newspapers across the country.

See?  We can work together for what’s important.  We’ll save our fights for little things, like the Constitution.