Tofu Consumption and Brain Atrophy, or….I’ll Have the Ribeye!

A bit of background to explain my interest in this subject – our family has been Seventh-day Adventist for at least four generations. SDAs have pointed out the connection between physical and spiritual health since early on after the church emerged from The Great Disappointment. Part of this focus has been a recommendation of vegetarianism, an even better idea in the 19th century than today, given the improvements in sanitation, meat inspection, refrigeration, etc.

So….when I saw that a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition had documented that “Poor cognitive test performance, enlargement of ventricles and low brain weight were each significantly and independently associated with higher midlife tofu consumption.”, it got my attention.

Truthfully, no one in my family was ever very fond of tofu, so my personal concerns about “midlife tofu consumption” are fairly mild. If my brain begins to atrophy, it will most likely be from some other cause than eating tofu! But, if tofu is a big part of your diet, maybe you’ll want to read this piece and make a change in regard to  your food choices…….

Or not, of course….everyone gets to make their own decisions in these things.