A RANT: Jon Stewart exemplifies why Obama is in the White House

Jon StewartBarack Obama is a desperately bad president. The economy is flabby and gaseous, unemployment is at historic highs; he pretends that radical Islamists don’t exist while castigating Christians for crimes 1,000 years old; he sits passively by as aggressors dedicated to subjugating human kind make tremendous strides in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the form Soviet bloc; he actively works to give regional dominance to Iran, a nation at perpetual war with Israel and America, and one, moreover, that subscribes to am apocalyptic brand of Islam that encourages the faithful to bring about Armageddon; he’s brought racial divisions to lows last seen in the Jim Crow era; and that’s just the start of the list.

And yet the Left worships him, votes for him, and almost savagely supports his agenda. Part of this worship is because of ideological blinders. Having elevated him to god status, garden-variety Progressives cannot deny the central tenet of their faith.  Part of it is that a lot of his acolytes agree with his accomplishments to date and encourage his goals.

And part of the Left’s unswerving faith in Obama is due to a deep, profound, abiding, all-encompassing stupidity.  It’s a type of stupidity that particularly appeals to the college-“educated” middle class who find wisdom in meaningless platitudes and false equivalencies. Jon Stewart, who has an ill-deserved reputation for being smart, is the avatar of this basic ignorance and lack of fundamental knowledge:

Jon Stewart on rape

Yeah, Jon, you’re absolutely right — because there are no laws on the books saying that if guys get drunk and rape someone, or rob someone, or assault someone, or vandalize something, or murder someone they’ll go to prison or get killed by a good Samaritan or a would-be victim with a gun or end up on death row. And because American schools, television shows, advertisements, religious sermons, and parental sermons never, ever warn boys and men about the terrible risks associated with getting drunk or high.

Jon’s position vis-a-vis men and alcohol is delusional.  In the real world, where non-Progressives live, we do tell women that, despite society’s best efforts, there will always be mean, stupid men out there who rape, or who get drunk and then rape, and that women must take responsibility for their own safety.  Just as a homeowner needs to lock the doors against a burglar, it’s the wise woman who doesn’t get drink until she’s incapacitated, go into a biker’s bar dressed like a prostitute, or get into a car with a stranger. This is not letting men off the hook. It’s giving women some power over their own destiny.

If Jon Stewart believes what he said, he’s dumb as a rock. And if he doesn’t believe what he said, he thinks you’re dumb as a rock.