The Bookworm Beat 11-24-15 — the “a little help from my friends” edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265My day has spiraled so wildly out of control, I despair of ever getting it back. Fortunately, a good friend who knows well how I think sent me an email that says much of what I would have said today if I’d had the time. So, here is the “Bookworm friends” edition:

On the subject of white guilt, let me paraphrase Alan Dershowitz who calls today’s tenured faculty the biggest wusses he’s seen in 50 years.  All of them are unable to respond to the outrageous demands and tactics of perpetual grievance groups, paralyzed by the white guilt.  What Dershowitz doesn’t say is that the victimization these groups are claiming as justification is nothing more or less than the tenured faculty has been trying for decades now to inculcate in them.  I think Mary Shelly wrote a cautionary tale about this . . .

Also, Bret Stephens places blame firmly where it belongs when it comes to those monstrous students — on their Progressive parents and faculty members, who are themselves the spawn of the Greatest Generation who, flush with winning the war and dominating the peace, forgot to parent.

What would are world be like if the radical feminists were to achieve true dominance?  That is, what would it mean for science and math, and all of civilization predicated on those disciplines?  This would be Lysenkoism on steroids.  The linked article is especially risible when the author dispenses with the need for “objectivity” in those disciplines as a mere social construct.  Can’t you imagine buildings designed to the standards of feminist architecture falling down around our ears since even math now would be subjective.

And you just have to love the Colombia student traumatized by having to read books by white people.  Well, she could always go back to her roots.  I understand Congo has a thriving book industry primarily by native black authors.  They published 64 last year.

VD Hanson has a great article at National Review if you haven’t seen it yet.  He thinks that Obama will be at his most dangerous in his final year as he marries his incredible petulance to a belief that his radical vision will be vindicated by history.  Hanson also points out the fantasies spun by the press that have made it all possible.

In trying to ride Bill’s coattails, Hildabeast’s campaign is pushing a new angle, “Bill and Hillary, a Love Story.”  As Instapundit dryly notes, they spelled “mutual opportunism” wrong.  All I can think of is the old movie poster, can’t remember which movie it was for, but it was of the “carnal knowledge” variety, that showed the bare feet of four people in one bed.

Hildabeast is now parroting the Obama line that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

White House terrorist ID chart

But here is one good thing: Ted Cruz is floating up to the top, so much so that some are beginning to predict what I predicted a long time ago, which is that he’ll win the GOP nomination.