The surreal whimper ending Western civilization

Detail of Heironymous BoschFrom the beginning, the Founders were worried that the American experiment couldn’t last.  Benjamin Franklin, when asked if America was a republic or a monarchy, famously replied “A republic, if you can keep it.”  What the Founders probably could not imagine was the way in which the American experiment — indeed, the entire Enlightenment experiment — was going to end.  They imagined that people would gravitate towards tyranny.  They could not have imagined, however, that the West was lapse into suicidal insanity on its path to that tyranny.

I’m leaving for court in a few minutes, so I won’t include links, but you will all recognize the news stories behind the following examples of the West’s tragi-comic, surreal collapse:

  1.  There is an excellent chance that the next American election will be between a TV personality who freely admits he knows nothing about serious matters of politics and national security and a socialist who wrote rape fantasies, and spent his honeymoon in Soviet Russia.
  2. In an English town, the entire civic infrastructure, from policy to city council, allowed 1,600 girls and young women to be systematically and repeatedly raped rather than run the risk of offending Islamic sensibilities.
  3. Across Germany, the police, government agencies, and the media covered up mass sexual attacks, rather than acknowledge that recently arrived Muslim immigrants committed them.  The female mayor of Cologne went so far as to blame the women.
  4. In 2015, California handed out driver’s licenses to over 500,000 people here illegally.  The ACLU assisted by warning illegal immigrants who had committed felonies that applying for a license might get them in trouble.
  5. In Philadelphia, a devout Muslim, dressed in Muslim garb, attempted to murder a police officer.  Upon his arrest, he repeatedly stated that he committed the attack as part of his Islamic faith.  The Philadelphia mayor nevertheless insisted that the attack had nothing to do with Islam.
  6. Despite the fact that the highest number of gun crimes in America are in those cities that have the strictest gun control, Obama and the Democrats insist that more gun control will mean fewer gun crimes.
  7. Although none of the climate scientists computer-based predictions have come true, and although the vast majority of data shows no warming and no relationship between warming and human CO2 production, the Left’s faith in climate change is so strong that Obama’s reaction to the latest massacre in Paris was to say that the way to defeat radical Islam was to pour the world’s economic resources into defeating climate change.  It didn’t seem to occur to him that Egypt’s pouring its grain resources, not into food, but into biofuels, may have been the spark that started the Arab Spring, which quickly became the Arab winter.
  8. Democrats are absolutely convinced that allowing an apocalyptic, anti-American, antisemitic, anti-Israel, anti-West, homophobic, misogynistic, paranoid government to get a nuclear bomb will help advance world peace.

I have to run.  Please feel free to use the comments to add other examples of a world gone surreal.