The Bookworm Beat 6/2/16 — the quick round-up edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265I’m doing actual legal work today, but I want to clear my spindle before it gets completely out of control. Here goes, a quick, down-and-dirty round-up:

President Trump? Scott Adams has pretty much nailed everything that’s happened so far in this election, at least when it comes to Trump’s tactics and trajectory. Watch him on Bill Maher’s show explaining precisely why he thinks Trump will win, and win big. He also says not to worry: Trump will not be a crazy, war-mad, racist, irrational president — although Hillary could be a problem if elected because she’s a walking alcohol cabinet and drug pharmacopeia.

ACLU Director mugged by reality and other bathroom musings. When Maya Dillard Smith, interim director of the Georgia chapter of the ACLU, went into a public bathroom with her daughters, only to have the girls frightened by some manly looking so-called women, she summarily quit the ACLU, went public with the reason she quit, and was roundly and soundly ignored by America’s mainstream media.

Incidentally, I asked two boys who are in high school if they think the Obama directive will result in boys who are not transgender taking advantage of its broad language and visiting girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Both boys instantly answered “No! No one would ever do that.” Then they said, “The girls would chase them out.” Then, after a moment’s cogitation, they proceeded to name all the “weird,” “goofy” boys they knew who would, in fact, probably take advantage of the opportunity to see teen girls naked or nearly so.

And while I’m on the subject, people concerned by the ongoing sexual assaults against Muslim women in refugee camps have a radical solution for the problem: separate bathrooms for men and women. No, I’m not kidding. The Lefties on my real-me Facebook page, the same ones championing Obama’s transgender diktats, are thrilled about this idea. We truly are a culture that’s moved beyond parody.

Taking our cavalier treatment of veterans to new lows. A historian friend of mine has noted that, going all the way back to the Revolutionary War, America has always treated her veterans badly. Thinking about it, really the only good thing America did — and it was a damn good thing — was the GI Bill, which sparked the 1950s middle-class explosion. Under the Obama administration, though, we’ve hit staggering new lows: We now treat terrorists with greater respect, and expend more money on them, than we do on our veterans. It is a national embarrassment, and one likely to continue under a Bernary (i.e., Hillary + Bernie) administration.

Obama’s big wet kiss for Communist Vietnam. The focus recently was on Obama’s grotesque lecture at Hiroshima (when he should have been at Pearl Harbor) equating America to Japan during WWII. The noise from that drowned out Obama’s vapid, ill-informed, morally equivalent lecture about communism when he visited Vietnam. If you ever doubted whether Obama, cocoa-colored complexion notwithstanding, is communist red to the bone, his Vietnam speech should put that doubt permanently to rest.

Religion of pieces goes on another sexual rampage in Germany. I know that you’ll find this hard to believe, but Muslims have again been up to sexual mischief in Germany. All German women should take heavy duty self-defense classes (Krav Maga?) and, if only they could, carry arms. They are sitting ducks and it’s only going to get worse. They just need to look to Sweden, the 1st world’s rape capital, to see their future:

Sweden is a dying country. It hates itself and its values. I’m desperately sorry for those Swedes who have no say in how the country is run but who find themselves on the front lines of an existential war Sweden’s elite class is determined to lose. Soon, though, the poor wretches will have peace . . . the peace of the grave, of course, but still peace. Sadly, I doubt the elite who brought this about will have the comeuppance they so richly deserve. When it gets bad, they’ll abandon the country, probably for the US.

Inbreeding may make Islam hard to fix. I’ve linked before to articles about the problem of inbreeding in Islam. In a society built on brutal rules rather than morality, trust is hard to come by. At the end of the day, even your fellow tribe members aren’t that trustworthy — so you turn to cousin marriage. Although not as bad as sibling incest, cousin marriage creates terrible genetic problems. This post explains these problems in detail. With so much mental retardation, it’s questionable how far any of these countries can go even if they abandon the worst aspects of Islam.

Vile, vile ISIS. A beseiged ISIS protects itself behind a wall of . . . children.

Pardon me while I throw up a little in my mouth. As Islam gets both more powerful and more deranged . . . most American men under 30 no longer identify as masculine. The feminization of America is apparently complete. I’m not a huge fan of the French, but they were right when they said “Viva la difference!” Sadly, my children will be denied that “difference” pleasure, which sees the coming together of complementary opposites.

Heavy lifting at Stonehenge. Although it was still an enormous amount of work to transfer those stones to Stonehenge, it might not have been quite as difficult as archeologists and historians had supposed (proving once again that everything that’s been taught in universities, except possibly pure math and chemistry, has been wrong, wrong, wrong for the past fifty years).

And finally, a few videos:

First, a clear discussion about the reason America fought in Korea. Of course, today we’d never do something like this — i.e., try to preserve other people’s freedom. Instead, today we wage war in such a cowardly way that we routinely endanger our own troops. The Pentagon’s  new (and deadly) policies regarding medivacs provide the perfect example of cowardly politicos tossing away the lives of those who volunteer to defend this country.

Second, an article on the growth of federal regulation since 1950. It’s obscene and staggering, and goes a long way to supporting Bernie “Home Depot” Marcus’s Trump endorsement. If we’re lucky, Trump will reduce the regulatory state. If Benary grabs the White House, expect the regulatory state to double on either one’s watch:

Third, sometimes you just need to be silly: