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Mob Illustrated edition post-election counting

The Bookworm Beat 6/2/16 — the quick round-up edition and open thread

I’m doing actual legal work today, but I want to clear my spindle before it gets completely out of control. Here goes, a quick, down-and-dirty round-up: President Trump? Scott Adams has pretty much nailed everything that’s happened so far in this election, at least when it comes to Trump’s tactics

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Secretary of State John Kerry — the living embodiment of so much that’s wrong with this country

Reading about Admiral Denton’s rare courage and undiluted patriotism made me realize how profoundly wrong it is that John Kerry has ascended to one of the highest positions in the land, a journey he made through cowardice, slander, and gold-digging marriages. Compare and contrast: For his show of courage in

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Friday afternoon round-up and Open Thread

The Taliban has hit Marin County (indirectly).  Marin County is headquarters for Roots of Peace, an admirable charity that seeks to advance agricultural development in poverty-stricken areas.  It has an outpost in Afghanistan, where it seeks to enable the Afghani people to feed themselves.  The Taliban can’t have that kind

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Radiolab, a Progressive public radio station, errs by showing its audience how the meat gets into the sausage.

Radiolab is a show produced for a New York public radio station.  That tells you everything you need to know about Radiolab’s political orientation. The other day, Radiolab broadcast a story about the Hmong (American allies during the Vietnam War), their suffering at Communist hands when the Americans pulled out,

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