[BOOK] Our Second Amendment Rights in Ten Essays

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With the President and every Democrat and Progressive in America loudly hollering that we need to do away with the Second Amendment, I thought it would be a good time to remind you of my book, which is short, cheap, and useful for the intellectual fight against those who want to leave only the government armed. Please recall that Hillary has made gun grabbing a central part of her platform, something that she will emphasize in the wake of the jihadist shooting in Orlando.

When it comes to guns in America, should voters buy what Hillary is selling?  Is Heller wrong and did the Founders intend that the Second Amendment not apply to cities and states? Do strict gun control laws in other countries work to reduce violent crime and mass murder? And are Progressives properly identifying the real threat to American lives or will their plans create a bigger threat to us than any individual mass murderer could?

These are not hypothetical questions.  They’re important because Hillary, if she’s president, will nominate at least one Supreme Court justice and possibly more.  Then, following in Obama’s footsteps, she’ll use her pen and her phone to issue executive orders limiting American gun rights.

The good news is that Hillary is wrong about everything.  She incorrectly interprets the Constitution; she misunderstands the impact that guns have on mass murders; she’s wrong about America’s allegedly skyrocketing crime rate; and she’s wrong that those countries that have banned guns have benefitted from those bans.

Just because Hillary’s wrong, of course, doesn’t mean people won’t accept her arguments.  Indeed, living as I do in a Blue community, I am constantly surrounded by people spouting this same mix of ideas, arguments, and misinformation. I’ve therefore repeatedly addressed all of Hillary’s arguments, as well as many others that she hasn’t yet made during this campaign season.

With the Second Amendment taking pride of place in this year’s election, I’ve consolidated these well-honed arguments into ten easy-to-read essays and published them in a very short (63 page) ebook, Our Second Amendment Rights In Ten Essays.  It’s a bargain at only 99 cents.

Here’s the table of contents, so you know what you’re getting into if you buy the book and spend the hour or two that it will take to read it:

1. A Typical Discussion With Gun Grabbers; Or, What Second Amendment Supporters Are Up Against

2. Guns Are Most Dangerous When The Government Is The Only One That Has Them

3. America’s Founding Fathers Ratified The Second Amendment Because They Knew That Government Is Dangerous

4. A Self-Defended Society Is A Safe Society

5. Gun Grabbers Ignore That Guns Not Only Take Lives, They Save Lives

6. Beware Of Arguments Comparing American Gun Crime To That In Other Nations; These Arguments Are Always Dishonest

7. The Only Way Gun-Control Activists Can Support Their Position Is To Lie

8. Disarming Americans Is A Racist Thing To Do; Therefore, Second Amendment Supporters Are Anti-Racists

9. Jews, Of All People, Should Always Support The Second Amendment

10. If We Really Want To Protect Our Children, We Shouldn’t Ban Guns, We Should Ban School Buses

Given the low price, you have little to lose by downloading the book and giving it a try. If you like it, I ask only two things:  (1) please recommend or loan the book to your friends, and (2) please stop by its Amazon page to give it some stars and a nice review.